Venus Andrecht

Here are a few excerpts of what the Beings have said to me over the years. I recorder two hours worth of their words on the CD set, "God is always happy". Love, Venus!

On Enlightenment

God delights in the human. God delights in the nonhuman. God delights in all emotions, moods, and feelings. God is always happy, even when It is experiencing sad or lonely. God is always happy because It is always experiencing Itself.
You can't ask "Why Me?" about Your "past" or "present," because the answer is "I am God, happy and glad and choosing this experience."
God is the mighty force in every leaf and stone, in every particle of air, in you and me and all sentient Beings. God experiences all life offers. As God, You/It can manifest whatever, at will.
Being evolved or enlightened is when You, knowing You are God, simply watch and note the events unfolding in Your life, instead of becoming enmeshed in the storyline as God Unaware, does. God Unaware is experiencing Itself. God Aware is watching Its dramas, watching what It came to experience.
All negative emotions are God Unaware of Itself. Because once God is aware of Itself, God is love. Love is the greatest force.
When You help one another You are acting as the highest vibration of God, which God IS. When You "die," You are still God. God is having another experience when It is "dead." It is still aware of Itself, always aware of Its many facets, aware of Its individual yet component parts, which It may think of as "You."
God is everyone and everything that ever "lived" and as everyone and thing that did not "live": "In my Father's house are many mansions."
Look around You, You see many now, one in the bird You just heard singing, one in the gray cat nestled under Your head as You lie in bed. God is in all vibrations, God plays hide and seek with Itself. As the higher vibrations, God stands more in the open, more aware.
When a person (as God) "kills" something, It simply changes Its form. God "tortures" and "kills" for Its own amusement in a sense, for Its own wonderment. It loves and procreates and performs good works for the same reason. It is all the same and it is all "good" because it is all God, playing with and experiencing Itself.

And Who are You speaking to me? I am God as You are, we are all One, right?
God chooses All and God is You.
I was trying to push communication with You, yesterday, and it didn't work.
Pushing anything rarely works, if at all, in the larger sense. Follow the Waves, the rhythm inherent in Our Universe. You can feel Them, if You will. Try it.
You are always rushing. Rushing to what?
Pushing something to make it work (as yesterday) is not the way. Remember how it felt?
Like I was pushing against a wall; frustrated. Time wasted.
Yes, indeed; go with the Flow, the Wave of Being, of the Universe.

On Karma

My daughter is fascinated with You and she has more questions. She asks, "Does the Universe seek balance in experience with karma? Or, did we just make karma up?"
There is a balance in the Universe. The Yin and Yang. God seeks to stabilize. Karma is God balancing Itself. Its experiences. Yes, you can call it karma, if you wish. It is like two buckets on a pole across the shoulders. To balance, the water must be equal in each bucket.
So, yes, let us say one aspect of God tips one way in one of Its expressions (lives), thus It must tip another way in another life expression. There are many lives at once and much tipping and balancing. You would call it, perhaps, good and bad.
When someone kills another, then one must birth another. When someone does something hateful to another, than another expression of God must do a loving act.
Sometimes it appears that "evil" or "bad" is winning; sometimes it appears that "good" is predominant. But, always, the balance comes in. At some time, the balance comes in. Waves of so-called evil, bring waves of so-called good. And waves of so-called good, bring waves of so-called evil. Your earth history will show this, but not easily as your records tend, for amusement, to record the evil. And, also, much and many earth records have been lost and misplaced.