Venus Andrecht

Here are a few things my clients have said about me. I hope I can help you, too, with whatever is on your mind. Love, Venus!

"You did a Reading on and a MOJO on my spouse regarding the childish ways he had when being mad about something; fits like a 2 year old or acting like a teen around me like grabbing breasts impulsively.
He is a hard worker, fixes all that breaks in the house, is responsible, etc. but this kept bothering me! 10 years ago, I called and you helped me at that time ... so I had another session with you 5 months ago and asked for your help again.
Within 3 weeks, the childish behavior had almost all disappeared! Once in a while i'll play your MOJO to re-activate the good vibes on him and it instantly helps.
You are a TRUE gift to us all. Thank you for your time and I hope you'll be able to help humanity for a long time!"

- Chantale -

" After our Skype session, listening to what you saw and after listening to the new Mojos on your website, I could feel the High Beings needling balloons with false beliefs around my head which turned out not to even be mine but have been affecting me for years.
I then realized that today I went shopping for a new Xmas tree with round ornaments and so I'll place there my new beliefs in place of those that we've removed " I can find a man like X and even better " (that felt good! when you said that to me; I feel like I have finally gotten over that 30 years ago relationship disaster!
Thanks for the pick me up, I feel great this morning. My friend Marsha was the one who had a crazy ex-boyfriend who was threatening to kill her. She wasn't taking it seriously but my gut told me otherwise.
When she confessed to me that the police told her to take this man seriously because they did not want to find her dead I decided to call you for a reading and help.You saw that he was trouble, a very sick addicted man who was capable of murder. You kept pushing him out and away from her and surrounding her with a ring of fire.
Since you did that she hasn't heard from him in a month and a half and even the police can't locate him to investigate the complaint Marsha filed against him.
Thank you for helping because I really believe (and the cops do too) that her life was in danger. Another example out of your Certain Men book, when men tell you something about themselves, listen and believe it!!!
Thank you for all the help and good things you do for people, may it come back to you 100 fold!
I download your Free Mojo on your home page and as I was listening to it the lights in the room started twinkling and then went out for a second, some fireworks!
A month ago I asked you for help with a bully at work. I have since been doing what you said she needed. I am complimenting her on a daily basis. I am happy to say since the reading there is a complete change. The former bully seems a lot happier and has even been singing! I am thrilled. Before you worked with her she was always in a sour mood and would talk so much negative stuff! Now she is so much more friendly with me and we are building a relationship into becoming good friends! I honestly do not think this could have been possible without you!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank God for you! You are a true Angel!
The last two months were the worst times in my live. I was worried about a lot of things. Then I received your Free Mojo, 'Everything is Always OK.' I started to listen to it every evening. What a relief. All the worries have gone away. 2 weeks ago I received the good news that I'd been waiting for. Since then my luck is going up. Thanks Venus. Because of your Mojo, Everything is OK now. "

- Regards, Hasilah -

" Venus,
You Reading worked for me. My name is Soroya. You read me on The Rollye James Show in September. You were so accurate it was scary. Remember when you told me you saw me writing Science Fiction and you saw a romance tied in with my book series? Well you were right. I started writing this story for a friend. I had 60 pages in a month. It merges vampires and not your typical young and perfect ones with romance. I now have 90 pages and my gut says this is the one that gets published. Same friend has also encouraged me to do my own podcast. So you were right about me doing all the "bricks in my garden.":) So thank you and I will continue to update you of my progress. I have faith you are accurate about my love life as well. Somehow, you knew about my sexuality too and that really is intriguing and means you are accurate. :) So give yourself a pat on the back:)
I promise you will feel very safe talking to Venus! It will help you <3 I can feel it! She's so full of love! Or do a private reading first! It will knock your socks off! :-) "

- Crystal -

" Thank you, Venus! You're amazing! You read me a year ago, and all that you said.. is exactly how the year has been! Now, I'm through it, life has brightened up and I'm on a new venture:) "

- Cathy -

" Jack is still doing well after your last "straighten him out" session. He's more affectionate with his sister and me, and he listens much better. Each time you talk with him in his head, it seems to last longer, and I'm so grateful! "

- L. L. -

" Venus, I want to say thank you for the reading... I don't know what you did... but I cried for about 48 hrs and then all the sudden I was done and just don't care for 'Gerry' whatsover. I had a hard time getting past it and now after that Reading somehow it allowed me to not even care anymore. It is kinda weird. So Thank You! I brag about your readings all the time! I will be connecting with you again for sure. "

- L. A. -

"Venus, thank you for being there during everything in my life; the good, the bad, the ugly. I know you are a professional but you are honestly my best friend..whether it's professional or not you are stuck with me!"

- All my love, Jill -

"Thank you for a lovely session! It was amazingly helpful and so clear!! I received great insight and am more certain of my path and the new journey ahead. I love your humor and sense of fun."

- Terrie -

"My session with you really changed my life. Among many other things you told me you saw my deceased grandmother and me on a see saw/teeter/totter, going up and down and that she was telling me to balance my life. Sometime later, my mother found a photo of me at 5 years old. I was on that teeter/totter with my grandmother!"

- Heather -

"My ex husband wouldn't let my new husband adopt my kids. You went into the ex's head and had a chat with him and then you told me to start apologizing to him everyday, in my mind. Within a week he decided to terminate his parental rights and is now allowing my husband to adopt the kids!"

- Dana M -

"Your compassionate listening made me feel very comfortable and free. You told me exactly what I needed to hear and I will draw upon our conversation for a long time to come. You are like an oracle."

- Kathryn -

"You were so accurate during our session, quick and full of kindness. You have a kind and direct approach and you gave me very good advice and raised my vibrations and spirits."

- Isaac -

"I was overwhelmed with emotion and cried through most of our session. Everything you said made sense to me. You mentioned I should be reading rhymes and children's books as well as doing some dancing and singing; that I need to do it. Oddly enough, I had been thinking of writing children's books!"

- Meredith -

"I never talked to a psychic before. But, I could go on and on about the results of your readings; every one has been right on. Each has had a healing effect on me."

- Sonia -

"Thank you for your wonderful reading! I did feel the different 'split' energies that you saw, coming together inside me. Only one other psychic over many years, has talked about this split in energies that you saw."

- Christina -

"Venus, you not only read minds for me and saw various things that I needed to see and hear about myself, but you also sent me one whammy of a good energy/love mojo! I am still buzzing! The session with you was well worth the money. Wow"

- Emily -

"You connected us to our son and brother who passed. It is always wonderful to talk to you and to feel your warmth through your voice. You have a gift."

- N.H. -

"I have just typed up the notes from our session. It was rich and amazing. Sometimes when we chat I think I should speak less time, the clock is running..but your ability is worth it and you have a nice smiling way of speaking. You are a good psychic/healer/therapist. It is not easy to find someone like you!"

- S.Z. -

" I had wrapped my deceased mother's blue chiffon scarf with gold designs around me, ten minutes before our phone reading. It was the very first thing you saw!! That was pretty awesome as I had only used that scarf to wrap up my tarot cards since 1982 when my mother died. Out of 25 readers I have been to, you are the only one who has been able to connect with my mother!"

- Andrea -

"You have an amazing gift. You described the ex-boyfriend just as I know him to be. When you connected to him, I felt it, I could even feel his energy. You were so right on."

- Barbara -

"When we had a session you went into 'P' and talked to him for me. Well, he called me later and and everything you told me he was thinking...he said to me."

- Anne -

"If you'll remember, my husband had a girlfriend and you went into his head and spoke to him about things. Well, I don't know what you did to him Venus..but he is a changed man, for the good! I don't think that woman is in his life anymore!"

- Betty -

Dear Venus,

I just wanted to thank you for our reading the other day, it was wonderful!

As always you were spot on, and your ability to go in and delicately extract pertinent information, put me in mind of a highly skilled surgeon with steady sure hands performing delicate and life saving surgery.

I took on board what you said and felt a feeling of relief and ease, I honestly felt completely different after our session. You have clarified things for me and it is infinitely more valuable to know the truth of a situation and what another person is really thinking than to blindly stumble along. As always our session was revealing and eye-opening, there is always a hidden surprise. I also loved our extra mojo at the end, just what I needed it gave me a lift.

After our reading I listened to the MP3 "Love mojo" on your site and had a wonderful evening with old friends, I know it has a magical effect. I have noticed people in general behave in more open and kindly ways since I have begun listening to it. It seems to make people act in more loving ways in general,and that can only be a good thing right Venus!

I would recommend anyone that needs help with a people problem or situation to have a reading with Venus. It will cast new light on mysteries, and you will leave the session with new knowledge and often find out things you didn't know; as well as having your suspicions good or not so good! confirmed. You will have clarity and that brings peace of mind and a sense of freedom. After Venus has told you what she sees though, the rest is up to you.

Venus is the messenger, and it is up to us how we receive the message be it good or not as we had hoped. We are fortunate to have such a magical resource at the end of the phone line! So don't shoot the messenger, its not her fault if your boyfriend is a bum, or your boss is a slob! but she will probably be able to tell you why or what you can do about it :)

- Love and thanks, Lucy xxx -
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