Venus Andrecht

Even though I send them out to listeners on my radio show and give them during personal phone readings, people have been asking me for years to make more detailed MP3 Mojos available. So, here they are. Love, Venus!

The Mojos Have Arrived!
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My mother started throwing Good Energy Mojos at all six of us siblings when we were kids.

Love life not so good? Mom had a cure for that. She'd leap up from her chair, flap her arms, kick her legs, wave circles and spirals in the air with her hands and shout something along the lines of 'Mojo! Mojo! Whooooeeeeh! Waaaa Waaaa Wa!' Then, she would toss the energy at us.

The Mojos were always different and Mother would throw them at us for different needs, and they usually worked.

My eighty-eight year old mother still throws Mojos at us 'kids' today! And now, I'm tossing them to you.

I get a lot of good feedback from these Mojos.

The sample audio is the introduction to all the different Mojos and is extracted from the Lucky, Lucky You Mojo.

The Mojos are very short, maybe a minute or two and are designed to be listened to over and over again for added benefit.

And, just so you know, many people feel the impact of these Mojos. You might feel dizzy, tingly or hyped up and more. You may find yourself laughing, which is a good thing as the energy gets pulled in more deeply with laughter.

Wishing you all good things! Mojo! Mojo!

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