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Two Messages From My Mother-From The Other Side?

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Mother With Her Great Grandson Loch, 2006

Message Number One:


Four days before my eighty-eight year old Mother dies, she has two fabulous days.

Mom has been suffering with cancer for a long time. However, very early on the first or second morning of her ‘two fabulous days’, we siblings find her with no pain, sitting up in the hospital bed in her living room, her white hair brushed back from her smiling face. She looks serene, happy and ‘well’, totally at odds with how distant, sunken and almost dead she has been looking for the past weeks.

This morning is different. She’s drinking coffee with cream and then more coffee with vanilla ice cream. She demands and eats breakfast! This is incredible as she hasn’t eaten or drunk anything for a week or more. She has her usual big and beautiful smile for all of us.

Suddenly, she turns to me and says, “Venus, what have you been doing lately?”

I think for a bit, then repy, “…Well..not much Mom. I’ve been with you.”

She keeps looking at me, waiting for me to say something interesting.

She looks to me, because back in time, when Mom started to need more help, each of us siblings took a Mother Job. I had been designated ‘The Entertainment Committee’ for her and she was used to my filling that capacity.

Finally, I manage to think of something I’ve done besides being with her.

“Well..I took a sun bath on my roof the other day,” I murmer.

“Oh! I saw you!” Mom says. “I’ll never forget you sunbathing on the roof! It’s good for you to get the sun.” (more…)


Friday, November 19th, 2010

The night after my mother passed I woke, sat up in bed and began singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

I sang it over and over in the dark, wondering why I was doing it as I am not a good singer and I certainly never wake up singing in the night! In the morning, I realized that this song is my mother!

We will be playing this recorded version at at her service and I have asked my daughter Summer to also sing the song, in her own way.

Margaret McWhorter, age 20


As beautiful as a movie star and as unaffected as a flower, our Mother, Margaret Jane Woods-Lange McWhorter died Tuesday evening, Nov 16th, at the age of 88 after having well-lived ten years with lung cancer. When sometimes asked how she stood the pain and fear of cancer she said, “I just make it neutral.” She also told us she had made friends with her cancer. (more…)

The Little Pink Dress

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010


(Hanging In My Art Room Minding It’s Own Business.)

I’m having a family party at my house. My sister, sitting in a chair on the patio, leans over to me sitting on the chair next to her and says, “Venus, someone has to tell you. Never wear that dress again. Go look in the mirror at your butt.”

I look at Polly, agast.

“That dress ripples all up your butt. Go look. You’ll see.” (more…)

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