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All You Need To Know About Dogs

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Bob, Also Known As ‘The Domino.’

When my granddaughter Lexi is 6, she tells me about dogs:

“Trazor dogs stop trains.  A Trazor dog stops a run-away train by pushing against the train with it’s back toes.

“A Trazor dog can open train doors.

“They also bark and tell people to call 911 to help the engineer. The dog helps police and fire fighters push the train in for repairs.

“So, Baba, your dog Bob, is called a Domino because Trazers are black and Doxie’s are brown.”

“Great Grandma’s dog Beckie, is 1/2 Georgian.”

Personally, I think this is about all we need to know about dogs. It simplifies the entire subject.

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A Lucky Day In The Mountains

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

This Is My Friend, Susan

When Susan tells her husband that she and I are going off for a day in the mountains, he tells her to pack her pistol.

I don’t think she will need one, do you?

We’re both artists and this is going to be an Art Day.

We ‘re chugging up into the mountains. We’ve left early because we’re going on the local Mountain Art Guild’s Studio Tour. Our plan is to stop in a little town and pick up a map and tickets. Then we will commence  on our own on a winding drive, stopping at various art studios.

I’m telling Susan I have a feeling we should let this day swing as it will; that I think our patience and plan may be tested.

It is.

We stop at a bead shop where we’ve been told we’ll find the map and tickets. There are no maps and no tickets here. There are 3 enormous dogs and a board outside depicting the cast of The Wizard Of Oz.

We’re told if we will wait awhile, maybe they can find the map we need.

We walk into a red barn that’s adjacent and filled with crafts and tables of apples and jelly. The place has a coffee bar. We each get coffee and sit outside on a sunny porch in little rocking chairs. We gaze at the pines and blue jays. We are charmed.

We meet 4 more dogs.

We wait and we wait.

We pee in a shiny, breezy bathroom.

We think maybe we should forget the self tour and just stay here and visit the wine bar.

But, reason holds. Maps are produced. Never mind that the map is not to scale and particularly worthless.

We’re having an Adventure.

We both pee before we leave.

As we’re finally leaving the barn, a woman with yet another dog trots up to us.

“Oh! You must visit my shop!” she burbles. “This is my pug dog, Pierre. He’s 8 months old and I have just opened my store, I have never had a shop before and I am 68 years old!”

She looks it. (more…)

What Happened When My Brother Tried To Get His Cat Neutered

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

This Used To Be A Cat Carrier


This is what happened when my brother Jim tried to take his cat to the vet to get her neutered.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’

Which means, in this case, a blog does not have to be a thousand words.

The cat has still not been neutered.

When Jim recovers from his wounds he will try, again. I will let you know how it goes.

The Cat Carrier Just Before It Was ‘Laid To Rest.’

(The plastic carrier beside this one has been sitting here for 2 weeks. Jim is still unable to face another try. Our sister Polly won’t try, either. She was called in to help him the first time, arriving with gloves up beyond her elbows. She left the house bloodied. I have not offered my help on this one.)

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