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Dead Woman Gives Driving Lessons!

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Car Blog 12

Lisa is frustrated. “I’ve been taking driving lessons for a year now and I just can’t pass the test! What’s wrong with me, Venus? I can’t seem to ‘get’ it. What’s blocking me?”
Lisa and I are having a Session on Skype.
“OK,” I say, “we’ll check it out.” I begin by ‘looking’ at her instructor.
“The woman likes the steady money you pay her for lessons but she’s impatient with you. She watches your feet; she’s afraid you’ll hit the wrong pedal and careen off somewhere.”
“Yes!” Lisa laughs.
“Your driving makes the woman very nervous!”
Lisa laughs again and agrees. “Maybe I need a Head Scraping?”
“Maybe,” I say. I take a quick look in Lisa’s head and find it remarkably clean.
“Gee, Lisa, you’re the first person I’ve looked into who doesn’t need a Head Scraping! There’s no junk in there.”



Tuesday, January 6th, 2015
Flowers drawing 3 vases


‘Libby’ and I are having a Phone Session. She tells me that a few days before Christmas she suddenly smelled the sweet scent of flowers while resting in her bedroom. She says she can’t figure out what kind of flowers they might have been or where the smell came from.

“Oh!” I say, “They’re white flowers.”

Libby is surprised.  “Yes! That’s what I was thinking!”

I’m now looking days back at Libby’s experience.

“I see your mom and Dad in your bedroom and another woman in a blue shirt is with them.”

“Oh, I bet that’s my Aunt Frilly!”

I pause. Then, “Oh my gosh, there’s your Fiancé ‘Chad’ who died so many years ago in that motorcycle crash! And there are other people there, too. They’re saying things like ’Doing this is a real hoot. Libby will really be surprised by this.’

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