A Cheery Day With Venus

When my father went blind, I sometimes took him to the Blind Center where he could socialize. One day, I met an old blind lady there, named Ruth.  She was charming but what captivated me most was that Ruth had penciled her bald eyebrows into a surprised arch……. with a bright red lip liner.

I remember thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, is this my fate in my old age? Will I be doing things like this?”

Apparently so.  I look in the mirror as I’m getting ready for my big Studio Art Tour Event and I notice that I have outlined my eyes, top and bottom, not with a brown eyebrow pencil but with my red lip liner.

Eeeeh gads!!

I assure myself that the light in this bathroom is very poor.

It’s the day of the Studio Tour when hopefully, hordes of buyers will come and purchase my art.

Summer, her father Bumpa, and my grand kids are here to help me. Lexi is six and Loch is three.

Loch has arrived wearing his usual attire. A tee shirt, shorts, high plastic yellow rain boots patterned with some kid design and his large green and white cotton gloves.

He only takes his gloves off when he goes to bed. For several years now he has referred to himself as ‘a hard working man,’ and he likes to dress the part.

Summer tells me he wears the gloves so constantly that they have acquired a rank stink.

“I’ve washed them and bleached them but within a few days, the smell is back,” she says.

She tells me she is afraid that he’s going to get a fungus.

I used to think that Lock was the normal one in the family but now I have my doubts. He won’t take his boots off, either, except at bedtime. He won’t take them off when he makes mud pies or even when he walks on the sand at the beach. He does not like his bare, or even his sox feet to touch the earth or the floor.

He always uses good silverware when he eats and he insists on a napkin. He says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and with his white-blond curly hair he looks like a Botticelli angel. The way he looks brings people to a halt.

He’s a beautiful Botticelli angel in high ‘work’ boots and filthy gloves who knows how to use silverware and a napkin while he eats in those smelly, but manly, hand coverings.

Loch is now busily running his fire trucks through my flowers and he’s getting the same halting reaction from all the people who walk onto my back patio, that he always gets where ever he is.  People stop, then stand and watch him. Sometimes they ask questions or make remarks. They shake their heads. They grin. Sometimes Loch puts on his fire hat or his working man hat and comes up to them and explains himself, “I’m a hard working man.” From under the hats his loose white curls blow in the wind.

My paintings start to sell. Lexi is helping me greet people and take their money. After an hour or so she comes over to me and says, “BaBa, I want to sell my paintings, too!”

I say, “OK, you have a stack of them here, why don’t you put a price on them?”

She grabs one of her paintings, the one with the peacock blue flowers and black design. She takes a thick black felt tip pen and at the middle top of the picture she scrawls, “$55.00.


She picks up another painting and marks a big, black price on it. $43.00.


Twenty minutes pass. People are coming in and out of my studio and some are buying my paintings. But, not Lexi’s.

Lexi’s lip trembles and tears come into her eyes. “Nobody is buying my paintings, BaBa.”

“Ummm,” I say. “I think you need to reduce your prices. Why don’t you try that?”

Lexi is invigorated, picks up her felt tip pen and grabs the the first several paintings. She crosses out the $55.00 price on the blue one, by marking it with a fat ‘X’ and writes the new price off to the side…right on the picture; “70 cents.”

The painting sells immediately! The buyer doesn’t have change so she gives Lexi 75 cents. Lexi is over the moon with joy. “BaBa, I made an extra 5 cents!!” She follows me into the next room, repeating, “5 Cents BaBa, I made 5 Cents!”

She rushes back into my studio and picks up the painting that is for sale for $43.00, scribbles out that price with the black ink and beside it she pens, “22 cents.” Her grandfather, ‘Bumpa,’ buys it immediately.

And so it goes. Four more of her paintings sell for drastically reduced prices.

Lexi decides she likes the art business. She hauls out a massive tablet of drawing paper and all my colored ink brushes and lays them out on the patio, where she sets to work creating more pictures.

Anyone coming into the studio has to step over her.

My art friend Bob arrives. My little dog Bob rushes to greet him as he does everyone else.

Bob sits down at the patio table with me, Summer, her father Bumpa, my ex-boyfriend Bill and a friend of mine named Jill who is helping me with the day. We, along with many  of the attendees, are sipping…or let’s be frank, slopping ourselves silly, on the wine which is the famous ‘Two Buck Chuck’. We are all having a mighty fine time.

Bob decides he wants to see my renovated house. I have been showing it all morning to people. I am beginning to think it would be more lucrative to charge for my house tours rather than try and sell my art.

Bob and I set off to take the tour. I get distracted by a few people who are sitting on my bed, remarking on the magnificent quilt that a friend of mine has made for me.

I lose Bob. I start looking for him and he can’t be found. I think, ‘Dang, did he leave without saying good-bye?’

Summer is standing in the hall as I am wandering the house looking for Bob. I stop next to her and say, “Summer, have you seen Bob? I have looked all over the house and I can’t find him!”

Summer looks at me with exasperation and says, “Why don’t you just put a leash on him and then you’ll always know where he is!”

I am startled. “Whaaaat?” I manage to say. “Why would you say that?!”

The door next to us in the hall opens and out steps my Art Friend Bob, from the bathroom. It’s obvious that he has heard our exchange and he looks at us both very oddly. It suddenly occurs to Summer and me that she thought I was talking about the Dog Bob, not Art Bob!

We kind of collapse and almost roll on the floor with laughter.  Actually, I think it’s the wine, ‘Two Buck Chuck’ that is laughing for us and fortunately, once we explain what Summer meant, ‘Two Buck Chuck’ works for Art Bob, too.

Another fun thing happens. Two ladies that I have read for over several years, show up. I have never met them ‘in person,’ just over the phone. These are the women who have ‘Baby Girl’ the Big Lizard as their pet. She is with them today and she is wearing a leash! She’s a lovely girl and everyone wants to hold and pet her.

Her owners tell everyone how I read ‘Baby Girls’ mind when she fell out the high window and got lost. They remark about how she told me another time about all the bubbles she loves and the ladies couldn’t figure what I was talking about until later, when they remembered ‘Baby Girl’s’ fixation with the bubbles in the frog’s aquarium.

The people who are looking at my art are now looking at the big lizard, then looking back at me. Back and forth.

My three sisters have arrived and are sitting on the couch with my mother, taking all this in.

Candy looks like she wants to make a remark but changes her mind. I don’t think I have told any of them that I am now reading lizard’s minds, along with people’s minds. In fact, I rarely mention my radio show or all the people I talk to in private phone sessions. My sisters and I talk about other things, like what to do about Mother who keeps sliding off her bed mattress at night and onto the floor and all the decapitated squirrels in her house that the cat brings in and how she found some old jello with fuzz in the back of her refrigerator that was at least three years old and she ate it!

The day eventually winds to it’s end. The people leave, I’m picking up cups and wine bottles and Lexi is sitting on a chair watching me. I say, “So Lexi, how is kindergarten?”

She shakes her head and makes a face. “I don’t like it Baba.”

“Why not?” I say innocently.

“Because,” Lexi says, as she snorts a little bit, “all the boys pick their noses.”

It’s not the answer I expected but it makes sense. Lexi is looking at me with her arms crossed. I think about saying, ‘Well, things will get better as you get older,’ but I have to tell the truth.

I say, “Well Lexi, boys are always going to pick their noses. It ain’t going to get any better.”

We both sigh.

I think about how when my sister Polly was ten, she and her friend Mary went down and sat by the road in front of our house and watched the cars go by for an entire afternoon.

When they trudged back up the hill, they came inside and gave their report at the dinner table.

“9 out of 10 men driving by in their cars,” they said,  “are picking their nose.”

Isn’t it funny how you remember certain things from childhood and not others?

Maybe Lexi will remember this day at the Studio Tour and how she sold her art, and she will be inspired to be a great artist.

…….I just hope she learns a bit more about money.


*TESTIMONIAL From A Private Phone Reading With Venus:

“Venus, you were accurate with my on again, off again, friends-with-benefits relationship with ‘Hank.’

When you and I had our session, he and I hadn’t spoken for almost 3 months because back then I was so frustrated that I blew up and told him not to contact me again.

You told me that in his mind he had no idea what had happened with us. You asked him if he was willing to see me again. He said ‘yes.’ You told me if I went out with him again, it would only be more of the same for the rest of my life with him; that he would come around and that in his mind it was up to me if I wanted him to do that. You also said he had another woman he was interested in.

Well, this past weekend he called and we got together.

3 things happened. 1. He told me when we stopped talking 3 months ago that he didn’t understand what had happened. (!) 2. A picture of the other woman was on his nightstand! 3. And, my time with him was absolutely more of the same situation we have always had. Ding, ding, ding.

And, thank you Venus for all your well wishes for me and peace of mind wishes at the end of our call. I could feel it immediately. You have no idea how much they helped me. I feel those were the most perfect words and energies you could have sent to me.”


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VENUS RADIO SHOW….A Comment From a Listener:

“Hi Venus!

Are you going to blog about your show on Tuesday (April 28th, 2009)?  What a hoot!  It was a déjà vu of the Verizon commercial Can you hear me now?  Now can you hear me now?  Ha HA I could tell you were getting very frustrated but your audience was having a great entertainment time!

Love you!  Keep it up Boy, I would love to meet your mother; if you are this funny!






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