Venus Andrecht

I’ve written a lot of books about many things, such as herbs, love, and the ‘God is always happy’ material, which has changed many people’s lives. Take a look and I hope you find something you like. Love, Venus!

The Herb Lady’s Notebook

The Personal Journal of America’s Most Outrageous Herbalist

Venus Andrecht, Master Herbalist, has all the right credentials: Her herbal education includes study at internationally famous herbal colleges and with some of the world’s greatest herbalists and naturopaths, including the late Drs. John Christopher and Bernard Jensen.

However, she feels that her most complete and certainly most interesting knowledge came from working directly with thousands of unsuspecting (and sometimes suspecting!) people over the course of more than 30 years in the field. Venus’s past experience as the proprietor of a retail herb shop and as a constant lecturer on the subject of natural health gives her an insider’s understanding of herbs and their practical uses.

The Herb Lady’s Notebook is a funny, entertaining, and informative journal detailing simple and inexpensive herbal programs that are illustrated with true-case histories from her files. Only the names have been changed to protect the indignant.

  • Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Ransom Hill Press; 15th edition (1997)
  • ISBN: 0960434240
  • Only $13.75

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Certain Men

How to Un-Love Them, Un-Need Them … and Replace Them With a Good Guy

When she was fifty-three, Venus Andrecht had an epiphany, a kind of near-death experience of the mind and her emotions. After a lifetime of grief with men in which she chose one bad relationship after another, she woke up in another “country” entirely. Suddenly, she had the proverbial eyes that could see, and what she saw in her life was amazing.

And now, Venus is here to change your life, too . . . if you’re ready. Learn who Certain Men are, and why you keep attracting these types over and over. Venus will show you how to spot them, then give you effective techniques to deal with them, get them out of your life, and keep them out. Best of all, by the end of this book you’ll know how to find, recognize, attract, and keep a happy relationship with a Good Guy . . . and leave Certain Men behind forever.

Not only has Venus lived everything she teaches, but her unique talent as a medium and clarifying counselor has allowed her to help hundreds of women understand and change their own relationships. You’ll read her advice to dozens of clients for whom she’s worked, and is packed with their stories as well as her own. It also contains dozens of unique exercises that allow you to do your own inner work so you can start attracting the right kind of relationships into your life, and leave those bad ones in the past!

  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Artichoke Publishing (January, 2005)
  • ISBN: 097591300X
  • Only $6.99

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MLM Magic

How an Ordinary Person Can Build an Extraordinary Networking Business from Scratch

This legendary networking book, MLM Magic, has been used for more than 20 years to teach tens of thousands of aspiring network marketers to create the lives they want through network marketing. Venus’s easy, down-to-earth, low-cost approach to starting and running your multilevel will help you learn all the best ways to make your network thrive…and earn you all the income you desire.

Venus is known for her funny, straightforward writing that makes reading this book a snap! She also packs her books with loads of tried and true methods (as well as her own personal methods) for growing your distributor and customer base. And, unlike other multilevel books that are all-hype, Venus gives you clear, easy steps to follow and you don’t have to be a “super salesperson” to do them.

Working mothers and others who prize freedom and flexibility in their jobs will particularly love Venus’ style of business building.

Get all the training you need in this information-rich book. Venus has more than 35 years of experience in network marketing, and she gives it all to you!

Some of what you’ll learn include:

  1. Simple steps for building a strong downline
  2. Dozens of low-stress ways to find new customers
  3. How to set up your work area
  4. How to open conversations with strangers
  5. How to close prospects
  6. The importance of follow-up and how to do it
  7. How to train and retain your downline/distributors
  8. Easy ways to stay in touch with your downline, and much more
  • Available on: Amazon Kindle
  • ASIN: B00BAZ8P0Q
  • Only $5.99

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Simple, Cheap, and Easy for Everyone

Learn to build any MLM/Networking business from your kitchen table or car seat. Add income through networking/MLM as either a side business, hobby, or full-time adventure–Venus shows you how.

Author Venus Andrecht has more than 35 years of success in network marketing. She is the author of the wildly popular “MLM Magic” and other books. She lectures and trains for companies and has learned how to pave all roads with MLM gold.

“MLM/Networking: Simple, Cheap and Easy for Everyone” teaches you everything you need to make your business thrive! Venus believes that you shouldn’t have to spend hardly anything to start a networking business, and that the simplest, lowest cost methods for business-building are usually the best.

You’ll also discover methods to find the BEST loyal customers as well as other people who, like you, want to build extra-income in their lives.

In addition, you’ll learn:

  1. How to build a strong, smart and lucrative downline
  2. How to spend almost nothing on an “office” that works
  3. The best ways for training and retaining your downline/distributors
  4. How to get others to sign up with you
  5. Effective ways to follow up with people, and how and when
  6. How to talk to strangers and open conversations
  7. How to get people to try your product
  8. How to use your upline to get the support you need, and much more
  • Available on: Amazon Kindle
  • ASIN: B00BAZB0C6
  • Only $4.99

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Prospecting! Prospects

How To Find ‘Em, Sign Um And What To Do With Them In Multilevel

Venus Andrecht has been hugely successful in building prosperous networking businesses, and she has a talent for building, teaching, and training other people to do the same.

After the success of her first tremendously popular book, MLM MAGIC, Venus followed up with Prospecting, after fans clamored for her to reveal the many methods she’d used to find loyal customers and great business-building downline.

Prospecting shares all of Venus’s ways for finding people, signing people, and then helping them grow businesses of their own.

Whether you’ve run out of ideas, or you don’t know which ideas to even start with for finding customers and business-builders, you’ll love the easy, straight-forward, no-pressure methods Venus shares with you.

This classic book has been in print for 18 years for a reason: the methods Venus describes are timeless, easy, and enjoyable.

Get fired up—or fire up your downline!—with a gift of Prospecting.

  • Available on: Amazon Kindle
  • Publisher: Ransom Hill Press (March 1, 1995)
  • ISBN: 0941903133
  • Only $4.99

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God Is Always Happy

In 2006, Venus Andrecht began a series of dialogs with nonphysical energies she eventually named “the High Beings.” As her communication with these energies evolved, she was given a startling series of revelations that completely altered her understanding of the world and the nature of life and death.

These Beings comment on life’s most complex issues, such as: why we suffer, past lives, death, why we came here, who we are, what happens to loved ones who’ve passed on, why animals suffer, the best way to live, and more. At its heart is the fundamental idea that “God is always happy,” which is supported by a simple framework of related ideas that neatly account for all the vagaries of life.

As the communication bloomed into a daily dialog, Venus realized that she was indeed communicating with forms of consciousness who whose broader understanding and insight have answered, and continue to answer, her most profound questions about the nature of life. Keep reading to discover Venus’s own words about how this extraordinary communication began, along with excerpts of the Beings’ communication with her, taken directly from her notebooks. Read more…

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