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Tuesday, January 6th, 2015
Flowers drawing 3 vases


‘Libby’ and I are having a Phone Session. She tells me that a few days before Christmas she suddenly smelled the sweet scent of flowers while resting in her bedroom. She says she can’t figure out what kind of flowers they might have been or where the smell came from.

“Oh!” I say, “They’re white flowers.”

Libby is surprised.  “Yes! That’s what I was thinking!”

I’m now looking days back at Libby’s experience.

“I see your mom and Dad in your bedroom and another woman in a blue shirt is with them.”

“Oh, I bet that’s my Aunt Frilly!”

I pause. Then, “Oh my gosh, there’s your Fiancé ‘Chad’ who died so many years ago in that motorcycle crash! And there are other people there, too. They’re saying things like ’Doing this is a real hoot. Libby will really be surprised by this.’

Dr. Chen And The Palm Reader

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Dr. Chen Resting Between Needle Work

Darling Dr. Chen is sticking needles in my stomach. He tells me he has looked at my website and is duly impressed. He tells me he believes in these kinds of things.

“I have a lady client,” he says. “88 years old from China. She tells me that when she was young she saw a palm reader and the reader said she would eventually live in a place the color of red, white and blue.”

I blink for a moment and say, “Oh! The United States of America!”

Dr. Chen says, “Yes, yes! And then the reader says she will live by a lake and she will marry an older man, have one son and she will be widowed when she is 59. And, that she will have  health troubles and 3 operations but after the 3rd one, she will be healthy and live a long time. But, she will live alone.”

“Oh, and?” I say.

“She came to America to live, she lived by a lake and she married an older man. He died when she was 59, she has one son and she has had 3 operations. She just had her 3rd one for a broken bone in her neck. That’s why she see’s me, to help with that.”

“And now she’s going to live a long time?” I ask. “But, she’s already 88!”

“So, I believe in things un-explained,” says Dr. Chen.

I’m not sure  anymore, what I believe in. Why is it that once in an great, great while you get a  special reader of some kind and you find that your whole life has been spelled out like it has been written in a book and signed by you before you come into this life?  Signed and, notarized. Where is the free will? Where are the choices and the various forking roads that one might take? Or, is free will just our ability to choose to like chocolate ice cream… or vanilla?

‘Let Go And Let God’ takes on new meaning. If it’s all planned out, why worry? Why agonize? Why spend years crying over what we do have and crying about what we don’t have? Why trouble ourselves with guilt, recriminations and ‘what ifs.’ If our lives are indeed firmly Written maybe we should just relax and live them?

But, there’s the rub. We don’t know the answer to the question. We don’t know if our lives are predetermined. We wonder, but we don’t know. Nobody gave us the paperwork.

Life is a Mystery Story and how interesting would it be if we knew the ending? Or we thought we knew the ending? Best to read the full novel without peeking, I think.

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The FOD Girls

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Lexi Meets The Neanderthal Man

Summer is saying, “So far nothing odd has happened today for you to write about in your blog, Mom.”

And, then it happens.

The three of us are playing hooky from our regular lives, today. We’ve come to Balboa Park to give my granddaughter Lexi, who is 10, some museum culture. Lexi has been badgering us for months, to take her to see the “Naked Neanderthal men at the History Museum.”

I’ve thought she might be disappointed. In America, nobody has genitals in these kinds of places. It’s just not done. This may be why the Neanderthals died out.

The cavemen are indeed a disappointment.

Next, we have lunch outside at a fancy place on the Park grounds. While looking at the menu, Summer says, “Lexi will have a big Margarita.”

Lexi snaps to attention and gets excited.

“Oh wait,” her mother says, ” I was thinking about myself, not you Lexi. Sorry.”

Lexi slumps in her chair and peers at her dismal glass of water.

So far, nothing *FOD has happened.

As we get up from our table after lunch, we notice small white hearts encased in tiny plastic snack baggies, on the ground.

Oh my! (more…)

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