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A Downside To Nudism

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

A Borate Bomber Comes To Rescue Our Road

There’s a brush fire on my road. The last time we had a fire it took out much of the vegetation down our very long road and many of our homes.

Today, there are at least 10 fire trucks, helicopters, police, and borate bombers. The fire planes are dropping their loads of hot pink borate on the fire.

The fire is behind a house and land that has been here since my childhood.

Many of my neighbors are here with me at a view point, watching developments.

The fire is contained quickly, only 4 acres gone. At the home’s back field there are a long line of enormous granite boulders. They are now a hot neon pink and will be, probably for the next 25 years. It looks very artsy. (more…)

Secret Stories

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

This is the first house I owned. This was many, many years ago when I was newly married. The house looked different then but was an artist and book house while I lived there.

The First House I Ever Owned, As It Looks Today

The house cost us $15,000.

Oddly, I have art and book friends who live here, now. Odder still, it remains an art and book house. I am often invited to my friend’s parties and it is always daja vu being at that house!

It’s a hot day and there is yet another gathering here.  I will let you pick out and guess who the following stories belong to at this party.

Good luck.

The Band In The Backyard


Can Old Ladies Be Trusted?

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Carol is 85 and beats the heads off live rattlesnakes. Then she skins the rest of the snake. And salts the skins.


Only SOME Of Carol’s Snake Skins

This is her collection.

She and the rattlesnakes live, and some expire, on a big ranch down the road from me.
Every Thursday, my art friend Regina, myself and our art teacher Stan, come to Carol’s house to paint. Many times when I walk from outside the house into Carol’s laundry room, I jump half my body length into the air. I jump because Carol has several snake skins or more, laid out on the top of her dryer, right next to the door. They’re just lying there like live snakes in repose;  relaxed and salted as they dry.

I often shriek.  (more…)

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