Words from Venus

Dr. Ron’s Great Death Adventure

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

My brother Jim texts me: “Ron died. Come quick.”

I race from my house and down the road to my sister Polly’s house. When I arrive the property is filled with paramedics, firetrucks, ambulances and police.
I find my brother-in-law, Dr. Ron Meyers, flat on the floor of the living room. Medical personal are crawling over him like navy blue ants.

Ron is dead.

He’s the perfect man for me! But he’s married

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

“I’m in love with the most wonderful man. I’m infatuated. I’m over the moon. He is the sweetest man; he treats me better than any man I’ve ever had in my life…..But…well. I’m suffering terribly, Venus. He’s…he’s married.”

Thud. A wildly beating heart turns to stone and hits the street.

I talk to a lot of women who are in love with and or in relationships with married men. And, I talk to married women who don’t always think their cheating husbands are the Most Wonderful Men In The World. And, I talk to cheating husbands! And cheating wives. And cheating same sex couples.

‘Ellie’ has a deep crush on her married, handsome gardner. “He is a genius of artistic design. He and I can talk about everything. We are simpatico. He spends hours at my house and gives me the most wonderful hugs. I think he is bored with his wife.”

Ellie pants and pines for ‘Howard’ for a year. She and I talk, often. I look into the fellow’s mind. Often. He’s a decent guy. The two of them have never crossed The Line. Unless you call spending Christmas Eve with her drinking red wine and eating cheese, crossing the line. He leads her on, but seemingly doesn’t know he’s leading. Ellie is frustrated. She reads my book, “Certain Men.” She tells me, ‘I promise Venus, I will not suffer over this man.” And, she doesn’t. At least not too much….

After the Christmas Closeness she doesn’t see or hear from Howard for 3 1/2 months. He just stops coming around to check her roses. It’s hard, but Ellie chooses not to think and obsess over him. She chooses not to suffer.

One day he shows up.


The witch in the woods

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Art by VenusOnce upon a time I visited a Real Witch. She lived deep in the woods. To reach her little home I had to park my ancient 280Z in a vast field of tall yellow mustard plants. I trudged through the masses of flowers and bees, climbed over a splintery locked wooden gate and found my way deep into and through a forest of peeling eucalyptus trees.

Finally, I spotted the tiny house. I rapped on it’s door, my heart beating rapidly like a tin drum being beaten hard. The witch that answered my knock was bent and old. She was dressed all in black with ropes of brassy metal and sparkling pentagrams dangling and clanking from her wrinkled neck. Her hair was long, tangled and black with an inch of white at the roots.

I was very scared. (more…)

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