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If you would like to contact me about a personal phone reading, or to give me any feedback, please use the form below. To see my rates for telephone or Skype based readings, click here. If you’d like a reading, fill out the form below or email me directly.

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I would love to help you with a personal phone reading. I am a clarifying counselor: a person who sees your life and helps clarify and put things in order and perspective. I am also a medium (a person who speaks with the “dead”). I believe what the Beings tell me, which is that all lives are One life, as God experiencing Itself. I am telepathic. Being telepathic means I can read minds (of the living or the ‘dead’), which is why I get a lot of calls about people’s love lives! (“What is he thinking about me!?”) Or wondering how your mother is doing in the After Life.

Please do not email me your concerns ahead of time, because when we have a personal phone session, I prefer to go into your situation “cold”, so to speak. I will ask you to tell me briefly, when we start the session, what you want me to look at for you.


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