This morning I was driving up town to meet some women artist friends for coffee and talk, when I stopped my car at the end of the road before I joined the Highway…and who sailed by in his Old Red Caddie? My “father!”

At the coffee shop, after an hour or so of the four of us discussing our fading hair color and what Judy’s husband should do about remarriage if she happens to die before he does, (the consensus was that she should choose a woman for him before that occurs so he won’t be mobbed) the only dissenter was me.
I felt Judy should have a lottery for the man and take in some extra money for The Art Guild, as God knows we need it…

Anyway, later, as I drove out of the small parking lot, there was the Old Red Caddie, parked a few doors down from the coffee shop in front of the Chinese take-out!

And last night, my long ‘dead’ Grandma, my father’s mother, came bobbing toward me in a dream, led along by my very much alive sister, Candy.

Jemminy Christmas; what’s everybody going to be up to tonight??
Well, time for bed. ‘They’ may be waiting up for me.

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