Whoops! Another Good Doctor!

Sometimes It Would Have Been Better To Have Stayed Home For The Day

A phone call comes from a friend of mine and she is screaming with laughter. She has just read my blog from last week, recounting the mighty gas display by my Good Doctor.

‘Sylvia’ feels compelled to tell me about her husband Dr.’Pete’, the chiropractor, and his  profound  experience.

He likes to dress casually when he works, she says. A sport shirt and a nice pair of pants will do the job.

One day he is busy adjusting a 400 lb lady. He bends over her as the big woman lies face down on the adjusting table. Because of her size, he has to labor to put his full weight into the adjusting maneuver. The mighty stress of the effort suddenly and most unexpectedly, rips his pants wide open from his back waistband right down through his butt cheeks to the crotch of his pants.

“Not to worry,” Dr. Pete later tells his wife, “my  patient didn’t hear the ripping tear  because at the same moment she was ripping herself, as she let out a gigantic fart!”

“But, feeling a need to work more freely, Pete had decided not to wear any underpants that day,” Sylvia tells me. “And as he said, ‘Because of that small lapse, while working with patients and nurses I had to keep my back to the walls of the clinic for the rest of the day. One of the hardest parts was that patients often bring family members into the treatment room and they sit wherever they please! What a day!”

The moral may be that, while it is not easy being a patient, we should all have some patience and understanding, as it is not always easy being a doctor.

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