Dr. Ron’s Great Death Adventure

My brother Jim texts me: “Ron died. Come quick.”

I race from my house and down the road to my sister Polly’s house. When I arrive the property is filled with paramedics, firetrucks, ambulances and police.
I find my brother-in-law, Dr. Ron Meyers, flat on the floor of the living room. Medical personal are crawling over him like navy blue ants.

Ron is dead.

“He’s dead,” Polly is telling the men. “Let him go. Stop working on him. I felt him whoosh out of his body while I was doing chest compressions on him before you came.”

Polly is calm. The men keep working on Ron.

Polly can’t find the medical directive with his wishes not to be resuscitated if hope is not there

“We’re sorry,” the medics say, “legally we have to do this.”

They load him onto a gurney and wheel him off to an ambulance.

Polly, Candy, Jim and I follow the ambulance down the mountain.

In the ER Ron is put on life support with Polly protesting. The four of us stand around him, confused and shocked.

“Do you feel anything around him Venus?” Polly asks. I do not. I feel nothing. Candy feels nothing, Jim feels nothing and Polly feels nothing. But, we are confused. Is he dead or alive? He was dead, but now that they have him breathing, the heart beating, oxygen flowing…is he still dead? Is he half dead? Is he in there? Or, is it just his body that is alive?

Hours go by. The doctors won’t let Ron go and since it’s the weekend and late at night, Polly can’t reach her lawyer or go to the bank for his medical directive.

We siblings stand and watch Ron for hours. The only thing I ‘hear’ in my mind is, “He’s floating.”

At last, a young, very kind and reasonable doctor comes in, checks Ron’s pupils and other things, then says, “Yes. We need to take him off life support. His brain is dead. He’s had a massive brain hemorrhage probably from that birth defect you mentioned. He would have no real life ever again.”

So it’s settled. The doctor suggests we may want to leave the room when they take him off life support. “It’s not pretty to watch,” he says. We insist on staying with Ron. I’m determined to see him over to The Other Side, whether he is still here, or not.

His second death takes an hour and it’s not an easy hour.

Finally, he dies again. So, tonight he has had to die twice. Or has he?
While standing watch, my impression is that we are watching the body die. Not Ron the ‘Self.’ I feel sorry for the body. It has it’s own life and it struggles to live.

Ron is gone, the body is gone, but still we can’t ‘feel’ him or any other spirit and we can’t ‘find’ Ron.

The next day we begin to get snippets of information from The Other Side:
I ask my daughter Summer if she gets anything. Like the rest of us, she gets nothing. A day later, she tries to reach him and again gets nothing. Later, she calls me. “I had a brilliant idea,” she tells me. “I asked if there was anyone out there who could tell me how Ron is. Immediately, I got someone who said, ‘He’s in Spiritual ER now. He’s in his early childhood getting the nurturing he didn’t get. He has dropped all his intellectualism that he used for protective cover and is greatly relieved. Don’t call for him now. He’s busy.”

I make sure not to call for him in the few days that follow. One day I am sure I ‘see’ him several times on the couch in my bedroom. ‘It can’t be him,’ I think. ‘He’s in Spiritual ER.’ He shows himself, again. ‘I’m imagining this,’ I think. ‘I have to stop this, he’s busy!’ I hustle away from what I see.

Summer calls me the next day. “He’s back!” she says. “He’s back, bigger than life and directing us just like he liked to do in life! I asked him if he’d seen Michael (his deceased son) and he said no, that Michael was way, way way across the Universe. And, I told Ron that that didn’t fit in with my belief system about everything being right here but he insisted Michael is way, way, way out there. Not here.”

Later, I’m cycling in place on my bike in my art room, drifting and dreaming. I hear and feel Ron showing me something: “We live a tiny life here no matter how big it is…or who we are…it’s very restricted. Very tightly enclosed.”

I look around my art room at everything I have done (all the books I’ve written, the paintings I’ve painted, the radio show equipment for all the ‘Dear Venus Shows’, the leavings from the businesses I’ve built ) all the things I do and have done and plan to do and… it… is… so.. small…so insignificant. I ache now to leave it all and expand myself widely into the Universe..the Universes…

A woman who knows Ron calls Polly and tells her that she has suddenly seen Dr. Ron’s face, glowing in a burst of light, in the upper corner of her room. “You wouldn’t believe how wonderful it is here,” he tells her.

Later, more information comes to me ..more thoughts in my mind: ‘If Ron can die and in such a difficult way, then I can do it, too. He’s shown the way.’

This comes in as a very comforting thought. He’s my age and I’ve known him since I was a kid. I repeat in my mind, ‘If he can die, I can do it too and not be afraid or worried about it. He did a dramatic and even gruesome dying but here he is…he’s around even after death…vibrant and alive.’

I feel we’ve talked together since he’s left. I’ve suggested he might want to help me with some of the health Readings I do with people since health is his field and now he has an expanded view. But, I say to him, “If you would rather be free and roam the Universe instead of hanging here with us, I understand…”

“I want to make sure everyone is OK here.” he says.
Meaning us, his family. “I told your mother I’d take care of the family after she died. Remember?”

It’s nice that he feels this responsibility but I urge him to find my mother on the Other Side, who he loved dearly. I know she is very busy out there looking into all the ‘Many Mansions’ that exist. She can show him around.

I’m reminded of my bout last summer with anaphylaxis when I was stung by something on my porch. The next night I had a dream, more real then Life. My mother blew into my dream, feeling and looking like bursts of electricity. I saw her shimmering head and chest as she said breathlessly, “Someone called me and said you almost Came Over!”

Months later I am still a bit put out that she didn’t know I was even in trouble, that someone Over There had to call and tell her! So much for her keeping an eye on us. The Other Side is that compelling.

Sudden death is a shock, but we, his family, are adjusting. Ron certainly has!

My siblings and I wish Ron good speed and and glory in the Really Real World, the Real Life that is here for us all in The Big Some Day.

(On a mundane note, while Dr. Ron is investigating the starry Universes, my sister Polly is still here with us continuing to give health advice to people who email her. She continues to mail out Standard Process supplements and help people with her (nutritionally based) ‘Break Free from Anxiety Program,’ found at http://www.breakfreefromanxiety.com You can email her at )

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