Electric Johnny


Johnny’s House

Johnny wears his hair in a long brown braid down his back. It touches his butt. One time, when he didn’t have a girlfriend to do it, he had me brush and braid his hair for him.

I have known Johnny since we were little, tiny kids. He is brilliant, unusual, kind of a hippy man and certainly a non conformist. He married for the first time a few years ago and now has his first child.

I’m at his house today which is on acres of land, hidden from view.

Outside and looking up to the sky, I gasp. Oh my gosh! Johnny’s house sits nestled in the crook of a tall, sturdy row of power poles with thick ropey hanging wires.

“Johnny!” I shout. “Have these always been here!?”

Johnny looks up casually. “Yep.”

“You live with these things?” I am aghast. “Why do you have all these wires and poles running right over your house and over your pool and …and, and..you live here!”

“Ummmm?” Johnny says. “They’ve been here since I was a little kid. They’ve never bothered us.”

My brain does a turn inside my head. “They have never bothered him or his family?”

This is at odds with my beliefs about power poles and lines. This is at odds with my beliefs about Johnny The Brilliant Non-Conformist Hippy and how he lives his life.

I look at the massive, buzzing lines and poles. They march through and swing over his old rock swimming pool. Then they continue marching right up next to the house where they almost lay their electric arms on the inhabitants. They even have an off shoot of poles and wire that cradles the backside of the house.

I’m stunned. “They’ve never bothered us, ” he said.

It makes me wonder. What if all our totally correct and righteous belief systems..are wrong? What if there are better answers..or maybe no answers?

My sister Barbara is a vegan and thinks I’ll be sickly and die younger because I eat meat. I tell her, “Look at President Clinton who is now a vegan and looks ghastly. That man needs a piece of meat!” Then Barbara and I fall into battle.

Heck. What do I know. Maybe electricity  and power lines running through and over your house don’t cause leukemia but are actually anti-aging!

I mean, Johnny is in his 60’s, just got married and had a child. Maybe the lines give you a jolt of some elixir that keeps your hair it’s natural color and thick and long; so long it kisses your rosy butt. Maybe Johnny will be forced to live past a hundred when he will sit in a metal chair and sun himself under the lines while he smokes weed and keeps an eye on his little kids.

Maybe none of us know what we’re talking about with our prejudices and strident belief systems that we want to push on everyone else. Do you think?

Just saying.

Just asking.

Johnny’s Electric Pool!

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