What the Beings Say About Manifesting

November 20th, 2007, I was at my daughter Summer’s house, baby-sitting my two little grandkids. While one was sleeping and the other was occupied, I sat down in a puffy chair and began reading a book about the Universe.
This caused me to wander off somewhere in my head as I began thinking about the Scientific view of the Universe.

Shortly, The Beings began talking to me. I snatched up some paper and began jotting down what I heard and saw. All the words in parenthesis are mine. ( )
(For more about The Beings, please see the end of this article.)


“Time was created all at once and We move-or appear to move-in Time.

We follow the path of least resistance-it takes a force to manifest ‘Other’.

This is why God Awake can manifest completely; while God Un-aware/Un-awake, moves little.

The more Aware, the more the move; the ‘Move’ or manifestation (which shows as happening is) outside the ‘Path’ or ‘Curve’ of least resistance.

The mind can indeed, move faster then the speed of light. It follows another formula. It is another force, (currently) unthought of.

There are indeed, many Universes…not One. A ‘jell’ holds Them in place. Like jello, as You say.

Yes, the so-called ‘Future’ can be changed. But, the Future is not the ‘Future.’ It already ‘Is.’ Everything already Is.

As We become more God Aware, We make more conscious choices from Our personal buffet. Otherwise, We do follow the path of least resistance, which is in fact our God Plan; The Plan that We as God Aware have set for Our course in this Experience.

All is well and is always well, because Your God (Your God Awake Self) has set the Course.

Part of Your Personal Course may be, indeed, making choices of one thing over another, or others. You but think You (currently) set the course and choose the outcome. Why else would a wish or a desire occur to or be shown to You? It is a possibility within Your Course.

You become above The Law when You are fully Awake to ‘Yourself’ as God the Creator.”

(I ask the Beings, ‘Can I then surrender to God’s Will for the most pleasant course or outcome?’)

“You can.”

(‘So, if I choose not to battle or strive for attainment of what I think I want, I can still have a pleasant life?’)

“If You are Awake enough You can. You must be somewhat Awake in order to surrender to Yourself.”

(‘Then would You say that an uneducated or ignorant person or a person of limited intelligence could also surrender?’)

“Indeed. ‘The meek shall inherit the earth.’ The simple minds are often most able to see clearly, unfettered by the extraneous.”

(‘I feel a push-pull in my life. It’s a question of shall I surrender or shall I attempt to manifest everything I think I want.’)

“Try it both ways.

What could be the harm in relaxing into Your Path; into Your Course?

When You are more and more Awake, manifesting will lose it’s struggle. You will see clearly and know and ‘It’ will happen. You will see rightly.

Now, We do not always, or even often, see rightly. We think We know what we need and want, but the result often brings hardship or a sense of ‘Is this all there is?'”

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