These beautiful green rock earrings are hanging off my ear lobes. I’m trying them on in a very fancy, upscale clothing store in Del Mar, California.

I have whipped down the mountain today to get some errands done and have come to a Center where I used to spend a lot of time, when I lived at the Coast.

My friend Markay is here! I went to grammer and high school with Markay and her sister Lancey. Lancey is one of the ‘girls’ I vacation with every year.

Markay and I are laughing and marveling because the last time I was in this store, about a year ago, Markay was here, too.

Markay lives aways up the coast. She rents some rooms in a castle and has jewelry trunk shows all over the world. That’s why she is here, today. She is having another showing of beautiful art jewelry at this shop by the sea.

She holds my hand close to her, tucked under her arm, and we chat. She is one of the most loving people I have ever known, as is her sister, Lancey. Today, Markay’s great love and warmth of spirit holds me close. I feel loved and delighted.

The lady who owns the store is warm and friendly. The three of us are chatting with a customer who is trying on blouses and beautiful shirts. The lady is about forty-five, pretty and blonde. She looks good in everything.

The four of us are laughing and cutting up and acting like none of us have a worry or a care.
The customer, runs in and out of the dressing room, showing us her various choices and asking our opinions.

She comes out now in a sparkley lavender patterned top and asks if we think it is too tight. We do. The owner of the shop suggests she try a size up.

I call after the blonde lady as she takes the new blouse to the dressing room, “Oh, that’s what happens to ladies like us who have these big breasts!”

She turns and looks at us and says, “Oh, these aren’t mine. I had a double mastectomy. These are just inserts.”

Markey, the shop owner and I are momentarily left without words. Then, I say, “Golly. Do you have different sizes? Can you mix and match?”

We’re all laughing, again, thank goodness, and the lady grins and says, “As a matter of fact, I do!”

I’m thinking, ‘This lady has made lemonade.’ I am referring to the saying that says, ‘if life hands you lemons, make lemonade.’

Such a lovely lady and obviously rich in many ways and here she has been through this trauma in her life and still deals with it, wondering at any eventual outcome.

Once again, I am reminded that we all can look at others with envy and distaste but it’s really not a good idea. Not just you and me, but everyone has their secret sorrows.

I am going to remember this pretty lady and her sorrow and blow kisses and love to all the people I see tomorrow, and wish them all well, and hold their hands and circle them with love, like Markay did for me, today.
A testimonal about the anti-aging product I have been using for 6 1/2 years:
Al is a long time friend of mine, about 60, who was visiting my town, from Montana.
My friend Bill and I took him out to lunch.
Al is very excited about these products and had just signed up to take them and get them out to other people.
He was meeting Bill for the first time and we were all having fun as we sat at a table in a Mexican restaurant.
I had been regaling Al with testimonials from people who are growing hair, losing wrinkles, losing fat around their waists and gut, hair color reverting to natural, muscles lifting the face up and turkey waddle necks disappearing….
At one point, Al looked across the table at Bill and said mildly and with out any gile whatsoever, “These products will be a good test for someone with a face like yours.”
I am still laughing.
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