GOOD HEALTH INFORMATION from Venus’ radio show 6/18/08

Hello my friends,

Here is the information for the health products I spoke about on my radio show, titled, VENUS HELPS YOU WITH YOUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH, June 18, 2008

For more details please see the Archived Show at The Dear Venus Show

1. The Old Herbal Drink (Called KM) that I have been drinking for more then 20 years for energy, beauty, aches and pains and much more.
(*PLEASE NOTE: if you live outside the USA or Canada, to order the products you must contact my friend Ariel, to send them to you. Make sure you tell him, “VENUS SENT ME” so he will help you. Email him at (Ariel)

2. The All natural, patented, Anti-Aging Products that I have been taking for almost 7 years. They DO work. See my website On the Home Page, look to the left and click on Health and Beauty

3. The Amazing Herbal Tea that flushes the liver, cleans the bowel and all the body systems. A very simple and easy cleanse.
OR for whole sale

IMPORTANT NOTE: you can sign up for any of these as a distributor and get them WHOLESALE. You do NOT have to sell them or do the business. I always sign up for things at wholesale, why not?

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