A hilarious true experience with a ‘Bad Psychic’

Art by VenusI have done several Dear Venus Radio Shows with the topic being ‘Bad Psychics. Since then listeners have been emailing me their own outrageous experiences. This email comes from a lady I often work with on the phone:

“I went to a psychic storefront, operated by two male psychics. I was younger then and working and living abroad by myself.

I was going through some crummy love issues that compelled me to seek answers and solace.

When it was my turn for a reading the two psychics made me pee in a glass and “guessed” my name to convince me of their powers. Then one man told me that I had a Bad Spell on me. The only way to cure it, he said, was to give them lots of money to buy these very expensive and miraculous candles that would take care of my rotten love life.

I explained that I was a student and that I did not have that kind of money.

The fellow then offered the next Best Spell Lifting Special. The psychic told me he would do me a favour and lift the spell from me by having Sex with me!

The psychic said that the force of his Special Semen would do the trick. He claimed that he had no interest in me and that he had a girlfriend and that this was all a mere favour, one that had to be done three times.

But great news, he said his other male psychic partner could also assist in the effort.

In a daze and so vulnerable, I asked “But with a condom, right?”

Luckily, after hearing my own craziness out loud I came to my senses and ran out of there with all my might. On the way out I caught a glimpse of all these young women waiting to see the two psychics. I wondered if they were all there for some Special Semen Healing Sessions!

… And an update on me since you and I last had a session: Thanks to you I am free and single. I feel a bit lonely sometimes but I am at peace now and I am working on being the person that I have been looking for! Love, ‘Betty Jean’

Venus says: So, after hearing that story wouldn’t you rather have a reading with me? Here’s another experience I heard: “I just had a wonderful reading with a psychic… but at the end she said I had a big, malignant tumor.” ! As a Reader, I work only for your good and your peace of mind and would never say anything like that!

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