It’s 4:30 PM and I have to go to an Art Business Potluck.

I’ve been watching my grandkids, Loch, 2 1/2 and Lexi, six years old, for two days now. Their Bumpa Ken and my Ex-boyfriend Bill will be in charge for the three or four hours I will be at the meeting. They will need to bathe the kids, dress them, feed them and get them to bed.

I would pay to see this.

The potluck is nice but I am a little nervous. I excuse myself at 8:30 and go home.

When I walk in the door, it’s quiet. Bill and Lexi are in the big chair together, watching TV. Lexi is eating a dripping green popsicle. Bumpa has apparently gone home.

“So, OK, how did it go?” I ask.

Bill is always understated in his assesments so you can imagine anything he may have left out.

“It was good,” he says.

I glance at the dining room table. There are several empty wine bottles on it and parts of dry crackers and some broken chips mashed into the red velvet runner.

“What did you feed them for dinner?” I ask.

“Macaroni and cheese, pickles and olives and ice cream.”

“Ummm.  Did you put Loch to bed at 8PM?”

“No. We put him to bed at seven.”

“Oh. He went willingly?”



“And,” Bill said, “before that, he pooped the biggest load in his pants that Ken or I have ever seen! Ken had to clean him up.”

“Oh gads, did Ken know what he was doing?”

“He did a great job. He wiped him up real good with paper towels.”

I’m sure that a lot more happened this evening but I will never know what. That’s probably best don’t you think? I know for sure that it’s best that their mother won’t know the full story.


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1. Lama Gyurme & Jean-Philippe Rykiel “Rain Of Blessings”

2. Any CDs by Krishna Das 

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