Hello my friends, it’s good to be back.
Back from what?

Back from the big flap I have been having in my emotional and physical life. When I said at the first of the year, “I am going to face my fears, oust any blocked emotions that are harming me and I am going to take care of all the physical problems in my body,” I unleashed a fire storm in my life and in my mind.

Since we ‘spoke’ last I have had some ‘revelations.’

I realized My Big Phobia From Childhood is not about disease and dying. That was simply a safe place to put my real fear. My real fear was fear of my father; who because of his own ‘disastrous’ up bringing was always very emotionally and verbally abusive to me.

(The details don’t matter. You can find them in any soap opera, newspaper or therapist’s office.)

I woke up one morning last week and it was all laid out, clear in my mind, like a dark pond that had stretched across my life.

As you may know, I believe that we are all God having experiences. Because of this, I blame my father only at a people kind of level. I know the truth about what IS and why my childhood happened the way it did, and it is true, that the truth will set you free.

I feel my father who has passed, was behind my getting the clarity I have needed and the freedom and releif from pain that I had stated I wanted. The process of removal started with Dr. Daisy and her work. In fact, haven’t seen Daddy’s Old Red Cadillac since I had my ‘revelation’.

Right at this moment I am now having another Huge and Great and Startling….but HAPPY……Adventure! I will be sharing it next time I blog. I can’t do it now, because I am off to experience part of it.

But, attesting to my recovery from my last Difficult Adventure, I can say that I saw a friend in the bank today and she said, “Wow! You look fabulous. You’re just sparkling, Venus.”

Wheew. Thank goodness. I was knocked to my knobby knees for three weeks and battered by this Circus of a Life.

I just wanted to check in with you and say that all is well and all is better then well and I am thinking good thoughts for all of you, too!
And, I do thank you for being my friends.

See you soon.
X Venus

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