Polly calls.

“We have to do something! Mother got up this morning and there was a big rat swimming around and around in her toilet bowl and she couldn’t get him out and then she did get him out with the toilet brush and then her dog grabbed him and ate him and Mom says that somehow the toilet seat got dismantled and torn up and she feels really bad about the rat getting eaten, he was trying so hard to survive.”

Polly sucks air and goes on. “She has lost her blood pressure pills for three days now and that’s very dangerous and you can’t find anything in that place it’s such a mess and there are vast dangling cobwebs on her windows, have you seen them, her housekeeper is no good but Mom won’t fire her because she likes her and Becky has ripped up all the rugs digging for squirrels under the house and we need to replace the floors with vinyl, Mom agrees and Mom just keeps eating that same crock pot soup that cooks all the time and she never dumps it and starts over and you have to do something and right now, Venus.”

I say, “I’m not coming over there and clean that house. I am not cleaning up all the blood and guts from all the dismembered field creatures that her cat brings in. I am not. ”

I know my abilities and housecleaning is not one of them.

Polly jags off onto another topic about how she, Polly, fired her website person and she is now doing the site herself and how she was talking to so and so this famous person and her grandkids are always over at her place and she can’t get anything done and she keeps jigging and jagging from topic to topic and I can’t stand it. Trying to follow her mind makes me feel crazy and I finally  yell, “Shut up! Shut up!”

“Arrgh?” she says.

“What’s wrong with you, are you ADD?!!  You never stay with one line of thought. I can’t stand it,” I say and I am not kind about it.

And later that day the results from the CAT scan our mother had a week or so, come in.

Our 87 year old mother had a very aggressive lung cancer five years ago, but she recovered. After that experience, every time she saw Dr. Tong, a doctor in town at the clinic, he would jump with surprise and clutch her health records to his chest and  shout when he saw her, “What?  You still here? You should be dead!”

About 8 months back she developed a cough which became a horrid, retching one that went on and on and caused her to sometimes vomit. She became tired and listless and wobbly and as she will tell you, much to her chagrin she constantly peed her pants.

The CAT scan now shows cancer in both her lungs and in her liver.

When Polly calls from our mother’s house and gives me the grim news about the CAT scan , I hear my mother laughing merrily in the background.

But, the family cries. When we ‘kids’ hear the news, all six of us wail,  ‘How will we live without our mother?’

The new doctor (Polly replaced the other one, saying “It can’t be good to have a doctor who’s always shouting at you in surprise, telling you that you should be dead!”) tells Mom not to bother with chemo and she tells him, “I wouldn’t do it anyway.”

Later in the day, I take a large bottle of white wine with an alcohol percentage of 14.5, and go and visit my mother who lives right down the road from me.

She is in great spirits! We sit on the deck as the automatic canopy over our head misfires and drags back and forth. Bees buzz around our heads and over Mom’s happy flowers and the giant red hawks call out and  float above us in the great blue sky. We drink the fine wine  and mother says she is really looking forward to seeing her brother Buzz again, who died when he was eighteen. And her parents. And her best friends Alice and Betty.

“I can’t even remember why Betty died. Why did she die?” she asks me. “Who else do I want to see?”

It’s peculiar, but she never mentions my father.

We joke and laugh. Mother says over and over how lucky she is. How lucky she is to have all us wonderful kids and all this land she lives on, and this wonderful home.

I glance around at the ratty hovel.

“Have another drink Mom.”

We are having a lot of fun. It feels like we are having a celebration.

“Why does it feel like we’re celebrating?” I ask her.

Mom doesn’t know, but she feels the same.

This is very peculiar.

“You know Mom,” I say, “I have been here at least two hours and you haven’t coughed. All I have heard are several ‘boof, boofs’ from you.

“Yes,” Mom says, “my cough is almost gone and I have stopped peeing my pants!”

“Are you still taking those Little Yellow Pills and the Magic White Powder?” I ask.

“Yes, I am Venus. And every time I get a sore throat, I take a yellow pill and the sore throat goes away!”

“Mom! I told you to take those pills every day! Not just when you get a virus. They are busy killing all the viruses in your body and you have to take them every day.”

“I mainly do,” she says. “I know you are determined to get me well, Venus. You are really working hard on it. And, I take the Powder, ” she adds.

I look at my mother. She looks damn good. Here she just got a bad CAT scan and the doctor has pulled a grim, sad face and labeled her terminal……. but, she looks utterly gorgeous. She has color in her cheeks, she hardly coughs, she’s happy, her mind is sharp and she is not peeing her pants!

“Venus, when I got the CAT scan I hadn’t been taking your magic medicine very long,” my mother says.”I think your stuff is working. I feel better.”

The next day my sister Polly calls again. I am very nice to her.

She says, “I thought you would like to know that Mother has a plan Mother tells me she has a job. You know she has been wanting a job for a long time and now she says she has one. She tells me her job is to get well so she can ‘be a good testimonial for Venus and for her products.’ She says she’s going to do that. She’s serious.”

Umm. We both know our mother. If she says this is her job, then this is her job. And you know what, that doctor who labeled her terminal may die before she does. Any of us might. That’s how Life works. Life likes surprises.

Maybe Mother and I were celebrating more than we consciously knew with that bottle of wine.. which we finished completely, if you must know, and I felt like crap all night.

As with all things, Only Time Will Tell The Tale.

Whatever the eventual outcome, I still have my Splendid Mother who has a Splendid Nature with an amazing outlook on life and has always been this way.

But, whenever she does go, if I am still here, how will I ever live without her?



I have mentioned these a few times on my radio show, and their remarkable abilities. As you know I have been testing them now for almost two months. The Yellow Pills are said to kill ALL viruses including Herpes, Hep C, HIV and flus, like the Swine Flu. So far, if I feel any sign of the shingles, or other viruses, I take a pill or two and in several hours I am fine, again! I now take them every day and am well. I have a large number of bottles stored away for the coming Swine Flu Panic season.

The “Magic White Powder” supposedly works on all metabolic diseases to restore health. This includes a long list of the most common and difficult conditions and is very startling. You will think it can’t possibly restore health with these…I spoke with an MD who has been working with cancer for 30 years. He is now using the Powder in his practice. He told me to up the dose with my mother and said, “You might be surprised by what happens.”

The company that has these all natural products is in process of putting up a new website where these products can be ordered. If you would like more information please email me and ask for info about ‘the yellow pills/white powder.’ I will email it to you when I get it.        

By the way, I am not making you any promises. I simply feel I have found something that may be remarkable and I leave it up to you to judge it’s effectiveness for yourself. I like the adventure of discovering new things that may lead to amazing outcomes. Or, maybe not. …Are you the same way?

I am personally in love with both products and find myself waiting by my gate for the UPS man to deliver them! They have a magical hold on me.

Dr. Ron, my brother in law, the medical intuitive, is now testing the powder for me. He took his first scoop of the Powder the other day and said he felt it vibrating in his chest, he felt it’s clear energy and he found himself feeling happy for no logical reason. He has looked into it’s scientific background and how it works and what it does and he is very impressed.


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