My 3 Cats

My 3 Cats

It’s been a difficult day. So this is short.

My blog photos have hugely increased my disc usage so I am having to learn how to convert my photos.

2 glasses of wine later and a frustrating call to my daughter, The Computer Genius Who Is Trying to Get The Kids Picked Up And Herself Dressed To Go Out With The Girls And Has Only 5 Minutes To Teach Her Mother All About Technology…I finally figure things out. This happens after I have almost cried and have then hung up the phone to ponder how to find these cats which have now been re-configured so they don’t screw up my disc usage.

I have done it. It’s a miracle.

Earlier today, when I am uptown, I can not get my red car to un-lock. I click on my clicker and pull on all the doors. I walk around my car and click and re-click. I am thinking, ‘What do you do when your car won’t un-lock?!’

I keep hearing the beeping when I press the clicker. Then, I have a disturbing thought. I walk several paces and there I see it. My car.

I have been pounding and grabbing the handles of someone else’s red car!


I hop in and drive away just as the Real Owner Of The First Red Car shows up.

That car is a red Altima. Mine is a red Jaguar.

What is the matter with me?

Back to the cats. When I drew and painted the picture the other day, my friend Carol grabbed it and made a print of it.

“I just want to keep this in my house, Venus. It makes me feel happy. It makes me laugh!”

I hope the picture makes you feel better, too.

My day was really a good one, only tiny little trifling things of no account went ‘wrong.’

I am just being whiney. Looking at my cats makes me feel happy, too.

Uh oh. I have just looked at the clock. My sister will be here, soon. We are going to Ladies Night at the local hardware store, for a rollicking time. And I have not fixed dinner, yet. Oh well. I might have had 3 glasses of wine? Is that possible?

It’s just one of those weird days. As my granddaughter Lexi would say, “It’s been a FOD.” (A Fun, Odd Day.)

xo venus

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