Hello my friends,
I got an email from a radio listener/blog reader asking if I had found my 83 year old friend Irene, whose home burned in the fires and how my brother is doing after the loss of his house.

I did find Irene. I even saw her interviewed on T.V.
She lost everything including all the glorious quilts she has made over the years. Her attitude is good. She has released the past and says, “Let God’s will be done.”
She is having a bit of trouble living with her daughter as Irene is very independent and finds it hard to fit completely into someone else’s way of doing things.

My brother and his wife are having a difficult slog. They discovered they were under-insured and can’ t afford to build a ‘stick’ house. They are looking now at manufactured homes. The old house has to be cleared off the property, first.

One of my sisters gave them a significant amount of money and the rest of us ‘kids’ are pooling our money to get them some grocery gift cards and a department store gift card. When I asked what they needed, Mary Ellen said, “Everything.”

The people in our valley are still dazed and frightened from the storm. And now we hear that another huge Santa Ana wind is expected, probably next Wednesday. Isn’t it interesting how energies gather and play out until they are ‘exhausted,’ in a sense?

But, here is a wonderful thing. A friend, a lady named Sharon, that I have never met who listens to my radio program, emailed me and identified herself as a quilter. She and her fellow quilters wanted to send some handmade quilts to people in my valley who have lost their homes. I was naturally overjoyed.

The quilts arrived a few days ago and are magnificent. I spent a happy morning with my Art Girl’s Group, showing them the quilts. We had a wonderful time deciding who we would give them to.
One, naturally, went to my sister in law, Mary Ellen, another to a friend who lost her home and the 3 others were taken by two of my artist friends, to be given to 3 other artists who lost everything in the fires.

We felt sad when we ran out of quilts because we have more art friends who need them.

However, later that day, Sharon emailed me and said another box of handmade quilts had been put in the mail to me that morning.

I feel like it’s Christmas!!

Sharon is a generous woman makes beautiful quilts, infused with magical energies. To see her work, please go to:

(If I messed that web address up, you can google Sharon Schamber.)

Talk to you, soon,
X Venus

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