I’m driving the back roads in my town today and it’s foggy. Normally, I don’t care for fog but since the Wild, Dry East Winds and the Fire Storms that swept through our valley recently…I love fog. It means, No Fires Today!

I’m off on another one of my happy adventures. This time, I am off to see the Ayurvedic doctors from India. As improbable as it seems, there is a small group of people that live in Vedic houses in the hills. Visiting Indian doctors come and read the pulses and suggest herbs, diets and various treatments for anyone who cares to come out and visit.

I love stuff like this.

Years ago, before it became popular and when my daughter Summer was a teenager, I used to drive for hours up the coast to Santa Monica, California for this kind of thing. I would often spend a week or so there and get PK treatments for my health.

I sometimes took Summer with me.
She came, but she would always fly into a frenzy and tell me ‘no’ she wouldn’t! And then she would complain the whole time we were there.

I wonder, what’s so hard about getting PK treatments to cure and prevent health problems? You get hot oil dropped on your forehead and hot oil run up your nose and sesame oil rubbed all over your body and into your hair, everyday, and no showering it off; is that hard to do for 5-7 days?

And, who would complain about the big oil enemas we were given and the diapers we had to wear full time?
Summer didn’t like the greasy turbans we had to wear, either.
Can you imagine?
What a difficult child.

I remember once, several days into the program, Summer and I were sitting outside at the tables with everyone else, having our vegetarian buffet lunch.

People from the community liked to come by on their lunch break and eat at this place because the food was so good.

That day, we sat with a collection of Famous Soap Opera Stars.
Yum. What handsome men. And there Summer and I sat, she deep in humiliation, and I, well, I was pretty close to humiliation, myself!

We were all greased up. We had our oily turbans wrapped around our greasy heads, were wearing our stinky, oily clothes and our greasy, leaking diapers. We were trying especially hard not to not pass oil induced and rather noisy gas.

And, the men were so cute!

I told Summer we were having an Adventure. She gave me a violent look.
Kids are so hard to be with, sometimes.

Now, I’m happy all over, again, since the Ayurvedic people moved to my town. I get to have my pulses read and follow a weird diet and take magical herbal syrups and tablets.
I think this is all good for me and I expect to live to be a hundred or more.

Why? Not because of the treatments so much…but because of the Adventure!

Adventures keep me stimulated and involved in life and they give my very active mind something to do besides think of myself, myself and myself, which gets so boring don’t you think?

Here’s my advice, even though you didn’t ask for it: Have an Adventure every day even if its a teensy, tiny one. Adventures will make you happy.
……. But, maybe you shouldn’t take your kids along?

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