Where have I been?
On a 70 foot, three-storied yacht with seven women friends from Grammer and High School. One of us married rich. (Not me!)

We spent four days in our friend C’s fancy life; four days on her yacht and one night at the fair grounds with her family’s show horses from Belgium.

Here’s a break down of what we did:
We ate, we drank margaritas and we talked and talked and talked. Then we ate and ate and drank more margaritas. And talked. And then we ate some more and drank more margaritas and talked and talked and ate.
A satisfying four days.

On our last night together, all the yacht’s toliets in the (four!) bathrooms, overflowed. We were in port and C. said, “Somehow the holding tank is all filled up. Impossible but true. No one can use the bathrooms until we can dump the tank at sea.”

Six women screamed while C. looked stricken.

‘Dumping the tank at sea,’ meant ‘Never Will Happen,’ for us, as it was now night time and we were all leaving the yacht the next morning around eleven.

Hilarity and panic ensued at the thought of our not being able to pee…and more!…for the next eighteen hours, or so.

I was yelling, “Oh my god, I can’t do it! I’m doing the herbal Tea Cleanse! I’m on the Holy Tea! Oh, no!”
(See www.holyteaclub.com/venus)

I had drunk a lot of the herbal tea at dinner and I knew the end result; a through cleansing of all my organs, with everything racing straight through my bowels!

This particular herbal Tea is an easy, mild cleanse but not when you can’t use a bathroom for eighteen hours.

All of us ‘Girls’; depressed, complaining, wanting to pee and nervous, finally got to bed at midnight, with me still wailing about how something ‘terrible’ was going to happen to me in the morning.

C. and I were sharing a giant bed, just as we had done years ago, (but in a tiny bed back then,) when we roomed together in college.

About fifteen minutes after C. and I had crawled under the covers and pretended to sleep, C. sat straight up and said, “It’s highly illegal! I’m not supposed to do this in port…but…I’m going to turn on…The Massurater!!”

She turned and peered at me in the dark.
“What do you think?”

“Yes!” I shouted. “Do it! Do it!”

“I’ll only do it for a very short while, just to remove enough off the stuff from the tank for us to use the toliets.”

C. then ran below decks and shortly I heard the heavy chug-chug of The Masserater, opening it’s guts into the water.

I’m sorry we had to contribute to ocean pollution. However, I fell asleep, at peace, with a smile, knowing I wouldn’t be embarrassing myself in the morning thereby giving my friends something exciting to talk about at our next reunion.
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