Secret Stories

This is the first house I owned. This was many, many years ago when I was newly married. The house looked different then but was an artist and book house while I lived there.

The First House I Ever Owned, As It Looks Today

The house cost us $15,000.

Oddly, I have art and book friends who live here, now. Odder still, it remains an art and book house. I am often invited to my friend’s parties and it is always daja vu being at that house!

It’s a hot day and there is yet another gathering here.  I will let you pick out and guess who the following stories belong to at this party.

Good luck.

The Band In The Backyard

I meet a man in a vibrant pink shirt. I say how I wish more men would wear pink, that the color is so gorgeous.

The man swallows and says, “I’m not gay. But, my two sons are. They both married their husbands and all 4 of them are in India right now, choosing surrogates to have more of their babies. I have the most beautiful grandchildren.”

Later, for awhile, I sit with a married couple, ‘Cassie’ and ‘John.’

They  eagerly tell me how they met in a bar. Cassie says when she met ‘Handsome John’ she was with her boyfriend.

She marvels now at how young her husband John is. She flicks her lashes. Apparently, he is much younger than she.

What great good luck.

Handsome John smiles at me and says, “I haven’t had anything to eat today… except beer!”

Well. OK. At 4 PM this is good. Science tells us that hops help prevent cancer.

Later, I see the two of them kissing and hugging, twirling each other and laughing all over the property. They might roll enthusiastically on the ground before the evening is over?

This is definitely good.

Some Of The People With Stories?

Later, I’m drifting along in the heat and there is dark-haired Nick. He’s holding a much older lady tightly by the waist, looking deeply into her face…and what’s this? What is he doing? Well, by golly, with two of his fingers he is deftly pulling out the stray, gray whiskers on her chin.

Later, a friend says this woman tells her that ‘Nick is weird.’

Gee. I wonder why the lady thinks that?

It’s time for me to sit down and mind my own business.

More Secret Stories Here? Maybe. Maybe Not.

I’m sitting at a table in the shade with two lady artists.

Gloria tells us a story.

“I was driving down the mountain one day and I picked up a hippie girl, maybe in her 20’s. She looked very tired and hot and I said I would take her to where she was going.

“When she got in my truck, I took a look and this young blonde girl had a red beard!

“I couldn’t stop looking back and forth at her as we drove down the hill. Finally, I just blurted out and said, ‘There’s something called electrolysis you know! You could have all that hair on your face pulled out!'”

Gloria says the girl looked at her and said, ‘I’m proud of my beard. It’s a sign of my spiritual advancement.’

The three of us ladies are quiet for a moment. Then, I say, “You know what? She’s young. She’s into being a hippie girl and being spiritually advanced and all of that, but some day she’ll get past that phase and she’s going to wake up.  One morning she’ll look at herself and that straggly beard in the mirror and say, ‘Shit! What’s that?!’

We ladies know this to be true. We have lived through things like this.

The sun is setting now and all the secrets that will be told at this party, have been told. It’s time to pick up our empty potluck dishes and go home.

It’s been a fine party. Very satisfying.

Why aren’t all parties all like this?

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