Peggy Wants Her Golden Leg

I am still here in Lotus Land. (See the previous post.)

There is a lot to write about but I am too tired. This is the most physical labor I have had in years. It is a very emotional fifteen days also, with a two year old and a five year old.

I will give you more details later but for now, I thought you might like to read a story that Lexi made up and was telling all her pre-school friends, about six months ago, when she was barely five. Apparently, she had all the kids in her class terrified, wailing and crying and they couldn’t sleep at night after she told them this story. This warranted a call from the teacher to Lexi’s mother, Summer. What follows is actually a milder version of the original tale.

“PEGGY WANTS HER GOLDEN LEG,’ by Lexi McStravick, age 5, 4-19-08

“Once upon a time there was a very mean girl named Peggy. And she lived in a haunted house. And, she scares everyone in the Universe.

“Friday nights, Peggy returns to everyone’s house and leaves a golden leg behind the bed. When you wake up in the night, you see the golden leg. And then it turns you into a Peggy Golden Leg Finder.

“Saturday nights, Peggy went to the park and scared all the children again. She picks your eyelashes off, destroys your toys and upsets your bed.

“Then, Peggy returns and the scariest part of her body that she leaves behind, in one girl’s bed, named Lexi, is her head!!”

And, with an ending like that, I am going to hunt down the Lexi in the story and haul her off to bed. She is afraid to sleep by herself, probably because of that mean Peggy, which is why I, her BaBa, go to bed with her so darn early. I stay awake, listen to the clock tick and watch for Peggy With The Golden Leg.
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