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‘Thrilling’ Adventures

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Here  are a few of my recent Adventures.


The Art Party

The Art Show Reception is upstairs, over my brother Art’s Jewelry Store. You can see the tree filled view across the street. We are mingling and sitting at tables and chairs. It’s like being at a Grand Affair In Paris.

Susan Knows How To Have Fun With Local Wines

Everyone thinks Susan is a sister because her hair is like the rest of the family’s. She loves wine like I do, too.. she must be a sister. In this town everyone is related to someone else, so who knows.

Art Party Fly Food

We have only managed to trap the flies inside the net.



Darling Dr. Chen

Darling Dr. Chen is my acupuncturist. I call him ‘Darling’ because he tells me if I would dye my hair I would look like I am 40 years old! It’s very important to have a doctor who sees you in a positive light.



Summer And I Get A Body And Foot Rub

My daughter takes me out for a special treat. She is annoyed because her masseuse wears rubber gloves!

“Do you know what it’s like Mom, to have someone rub your head and face with big rubber gloves?!”



My Mickey

Mickey likes to hang out and relax more than his sister does.

Busy PollyBelle

PollyBelle The Sister is always busy. She wants to study palmistry.



Pregnant Goats

And, it’s fun to visit The Chicken Lady Who Lives Up The Steep Mountain That Scares My Grandkids. You can buy eggs here, off the woman’s old sagging porch. You take what you want and put your money in a tin can.

It’s always hard to get the car turned around so you can get back down off the mountain. There is always the chance that the car might drop off the side and hurdle you and the eggs all the way to The Great Beyond. Now there’s a thrill.

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Can Old Ladies Be Trusted?

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Carol is 85 and beats the heads off live rattlesnakes. Then she skins the rest of the snake. And salts the skins.


Only SOME Of Carol’s Snake Skins

This is her collection.

She and the rattlesnakes live, and some expire, on a big ranch down the road from me.
Every Thursday, my art friend Regina, myself and our art teacher Stan, come to Carol’s house to paint. Many times when I walk from outside the house into Carol’s laundry room, I jump half my body length into the air. I jump because Carol has several snake skins or more, laid out on the top of her dryer, right next to the door. They’re just lying there like live snakes in repose;  relaxed and salted as they dry.

I often shriek.  (more…)

The Road Less Traveled Yields Soft Surprise

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012


The Same Road, The Same Spot Where It Happened

Almost no one lives out here but us.

Later in our lives when we are far advanced in years, the area will become known as The Grasslands. Our town will fight about saving it and all the raptors, eagles and little burrowing, running creatures that live here…they will argue about saving The Grasslands, or not.

The Grasslands are rolling fields of low grass, peppered with massive boulders and oak trees.

Today, I am 11 or 12 years old. I am riding my clunky bike in the middle of the quiet road that runs below our tiny house on 14 acres. It’s paved and spirals languidly into the far distance.

My old blue bike is heavy and huge and I have to stand up to pedal and push to make the bike move slowly forward.

My brother Art, who is maybe 3 or 4, is on foot, meandering along beside me.

I’m sweating. My hair and my face are damp.

We’re heading far down the quiet road to a stream tucked behind boulders and trees, miles away.

We have a small lunch with us. 2 Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I’m grappling with a fishing pole when suddenly my bike hits a small rock in the road and I fly off the seat, hit the middle of the road hard, and roll. (more…)

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