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Venus Walks Out Of A Funeral

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

The Church Where It Happened

The funeral service ┬áis more than half an hour late. It still hasn’t started. I have been sitting in this pew for an hour because I got here early.

Unfortunately, I have eaten something that doesn’t like me and my guts hurt so much I can barely sit still from the pain.

The man next to me is from my old Multilevel/Networking life. I have known him for more than 25 years. He sniffs up the drip from his nose, leans toward me and says, “I am now 83 years old.”

I tell him that is amazing and that I will never catch up to him.

He takes a moment, looks me over, then says, “Ummmm. Give it a few more days.”

Eeeh gads.

No one should be told this at a funeral! (more…)

Who Ministers To God?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Who Ministers To God?

Today I meet a lady paramedic named Connie. “I’ve been a paramedic for 26 years” she tells me. “24 hours on and 24 hours off. I love it.”

Why do you love it,” I ask.

“Because of the excitement. It’s always a thrill. You never know who it’s going to be that’s in trouble or what the situation will be.”

Connie says, “There was one lady in her 60’s who kept calling us because she was having a heart attack. We went there 16 times and it was never a heart attack! When she called the 17th time my partner said, ‘I’m not going this time. You take care of her.'”

So, I did. I got there and I said, “So what is the real problem? What’s really bothering you?” (more…)

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