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Lexi Gets A Bra

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Little Girls

Lexi is nine.

My daughter Summer tells me, “Lexi has been crying and whining around all week. She wants a bra. All I hear is, ‘I want a bra I want a bra I want a bra I need a bra.'”

I tell her, “No you don’t need a bra. You are nine years old, Lexi, you have nothing to put in it.”

Lexi says, “My friend Elizabeth has a bra. Her mother got her a bra.”

I say, “She got a bra because her older sister got one and she needs a bra. You don’t need one.”

Lexi pouts and pouts and cries and insists she has to have a bra and I keep saying, “Why do you need a bra so badly? You are only nine.”

The truth comes out. Lexi says, “Because I told Elizabeth I have a bra! I’ve been ¬†wearing my swim top to school all week under my clothes so she will think I have a bra! It’s scratching my skin, Momma.”

Summer finally gives in. She tells Lexi she will go to Target and look for a bra but that there won’t be any bras for nine year old kids. (more…)


Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Lexi, my six year old granddaughter, is in trouble, again.

Her mother tells me, “Lexi is at the age where she is fascinated with people’s rear ends. And, she has her own computer. Not a good mix. The other day she came running into the kitchen and asked me to come and look at something.

“I went into her room and she led me to her computer, pointed at the screen and said, “Why are they doing this?”

I peered closer and oh my gosh! I said, ‘Lexi! Where did you get this?!’ She said she had gone to Google and typed in something like!

“Mooom!” Summer wails to me, “It was some Butt Fetish website and there were all kinds of weird things sticking out of people’s bums! And I had to explain to Lexi why people would do this and what the meaning was!”

I’m laughing. I can’t help it.

“Mom, Lexi is coming up to visit you for awhile and I want you to watch her on the computer. I don’t know what she might think to look up, next.”

“Gee,” I say, “I never would have thought of looking for something like bum bums on the net!”

Last time Lexi stayed with me for awhile, it was interesting. Of course.

She looks at me one day and says, “You’re looking a little old, BaBa.” (more…)

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