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Toad Fish Soup With Shrimp In Red Pants

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

The grandkids are here. Both Lexi and Loch are fighting pretty much non-stop. I try and keep them separated.

Loch is ‘cooking’.’ He is cooking with mud, rocks and weeds. He has just asked me if I would like some ‘Yellow Jacket Crunch.’  “Made with real Yellow Jackets,” he tells me, that have drowned in his kiddie pool.

Bill is also served a bowl of Hornet Soup. He pronounces it, “Very good!”

There is no photo  here of ‘Grumpy The Plummer’ who has just been here and gone. Yes, I have plumbing problems.

I load ‘Grumpy’ up with excess peaches and apples  from my trees before he leaves my house.

Here is what the kids and I have been doing this week.

The kids are fighting from the moment I pick them up. As I believe I have already said.

I got almost no sleep last night. The kids were sleeping but I wasn’t.

Today, the kids  announce that all the food I feed them is suspect and they want to know what is in everything I cook for them. I text their mother and tell them this is her fault.

Earlier this morning as we drive up to my brother and sister-in-law’s jewelry store I say, “We’re going to visit your Uncle Art and Aunt MaryEllen.” They say, “Who are they?”

OK, looks like the kids need to visit me more often.

We go and visit the Carnival that is being set up across from the Senior Center. Tomorrow evening , we will go and ride the rides and eat funnel cake and cotton candy. And, maybe throw up later in the night.

We visit my friend at the Art Gallery as we are looking for fertile eggs. They aren’t here but they will be by tomorrow. You have to realize  this is a small town and an artist  brings her excess eggs to an art gallery. These are the best, most orange eggs, laid by chickens that truly run loose and the best thing is the eggs are free!

This morning the kids and I go back to the Pool Supply store. Why? Because yesterday, I bought Loch a small toy boat that runs on the pool water with some kind of radio control.

This boat is a real ‘Key Buy’ as Loch, who was frantic to have it, seems to have no interest in actually running the boat in the pool.

Yesterday, at the pool store, Lexi got a large, blow up dolphin to ride. However, we find our bicycle pump will not pump it up. So, this morning we go back and buy a foot pump from China that does a very desultory job of pumping and while pumping (for a very long time) by foot, Bill says the ‘S’ word a number of times.

My friend Sonja comes over at the end of the day and we have a drink or two. The sun is now thinking of setting and I realize I need to get a blog out.

I apologize to you. This blog is it. I’m going to bed,now, and it is very early. I am going to bed at the same time the kids do.

P.S. Lexi says to tell you she remembers her aunt and uncle! She is also adamant that I talk more about her in my blogs…I am just not allowed to embarrass her. I am not sure how to do that as almost everything I say embarrasses her, now that she is 10.

Good night. I apologize for this less than perfect, poorly put together blog, but Baba is really tired and there are 2 more days to go. xo venus

And PS, I left out the visit today to the metaphysical book store, the Chamber of Commerce and the ride up another mountain outside of town where Lexi and Loch asked me why I was taking them up another mountain. They were afraid we were making another trip to see The Chicken Lady.

They would, however, like to see ‘The Big Rock Candy Mountain’ which is really called Mt. Woodson, and guards the town. Their mother told them that when she was little she found a door into the mountain that leads to all the candy inside. So, now this is a hike that we need to take at some point.

OK, this is it. I really mean it, now. I am going to bed. xo venus

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Friday, October 30th, 2009

Tuesday 7PM:

Bill returns from a full, late day at work. How glad he is to find that Lexi, (six) has laid out a full course meal for him in his studio. The courses sit on 3 chairs lined up in a row. Each chair has a place mat and silverware.

The first chair hosts a large bowl of garden greens with carrots, tomatoes, hot marinated red and green Spanish peppers, orange seasoning, salt and pepper and liberal amounts of tabasco sauce.

On the second chair we have a banana pudding. The bottom layer is an intriguing mix of a (very) ancient smashed brown banana mixed with a small, raw chopped potato and over that is sliced the last perfect banana from my kitchen counter.

The third plate holds a long medium sized loaf of French bread, cut in half. It is covered in raspberry jam.

There is also a cup of water with lime juice squeezed into it.

Bill is surprised to find his dinner waiting. I don’t tell him that it has been waiting out for him since noon. I don’t see anything that will kill him without refrigeration, so I let that knowledge be unsaid. Why upset him?

He makes appreciative sounds as Lexi ushers him to his table and begins to serve him. He starts with the tabasco and hot pepper salad.

I watch intently. He eats it, doggedly.

His eyes water. He looks at me like he might die but he keeps eating. Lexi points out each pepper and details how she collected all the vegetables from the garden and what went into the dressing.

Suddenly, I say, “What’s all that green stuff?”

“Lettuce,” Lexi answers.

“But…we don’t have any lettuce in the garden.”

Bill looks up at me and stops chewing. (more…)

Life Is A Round Egg

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

My ex-husband Ken, has given me total permission to say anything I want about him on this blog. Is he crazy? Or, was he drinking when he said it? I can’t remember, so that’s good enough for me, I will just imagine that he said, ‘yes’ while he was in his right and usual mind.

Ken is Summer’s dad. He is also known as Bumpa to our grand kids, Lexi and Loch.

Ken is going to build me a chicken coop. I have it in my mind that I want three red laying hens: Stella, Lolly and maybe Louise.

Ken asks me how soon do I want this coop. I say, “Right now. Immediately. I have already met my new chicken friends at the Diamond D Feed Store.”

We work out the perfect spot on my property. It’s almost under a giant scrub oak tree.

Ken paces out the size, raises one of his arms in the air and says, “The nesting boxes are just past my armpit.”

Then, he goes home.

He emails me several days later. “When I drive by in a few days on my way to my house in the desert, I’ll pick you up and take you to the desert hot springs.”

I email back and say, “No. I have a better idea. When you come by let’s go up to Ransom Brothers hardware store and get all the materials to build the chicken coop. Then we will come back to my house and build it. My chickens are waiting.”

Mother’s Day comes around and Ken is here at my house, babysitting our grand kids while my mother, my daughter Summer and four sisters and a woman friend, lunch and party.

Bumpa takes babysitting seriously. He sits on a chair near the end of the patio and watches the kids make mud pies, just beyond the metal gate. For hours. He watches the kids like an interested guard dog.

Meanwhile, a few drinks into the outdoor brunch, my daughter Summer mentions that another scrub oak’s arms are too far into part of my patio.

“Mom, no one can walk through here. We need to cut those branches out.” (more…)

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