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A Downside To Nudism

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

A Borate Bomber Comes To Rescue Our Road

There’s a brush fire on my road. The last time we had a fire it took out much of the vegetation down our very long road and many of our homes.

Today, there are at least 10 fire trucks, helicopters, police, and borate bombers. The fire planes are dropping their loads of hot pink borate on the fire.

The fire is behind a house and land that has been here since my childhood.

Many of my neighbors are here with me at a view point, watching developments.

The fire is contained quickly, only 4 acres gone. At the home’s back field there are a long line of enormous granite boulders. They are now a hot neon pink and will be, probably for the next 25 years. It looks very artsy. (more…)

A Sure Fire Way To Meet A Single Man

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

One Of The Trees That Caused The Trouble

I’m bent under the black walnut trees that line the road down the lane, across from my house.. There’s a lot of nuts on the ground this year.

I search through the dried grass, find handfuls of black shelled nuts and toss them into the street. I bend, scoop, and toss until there are masses of hard shelled nuts on the pavement.

The crows on the wires and I watch and wait for cars and trucks to roll by and snap the nuts making multiple, sharp bangs. The weight of vehicles crack the shells exposing the soft meat.

Bang, crack, bang, crack, crack, bang! The sound is very satisfying.

Every fall I feed the crows their walnuts this way.

At last, turning from my good deed I head down the long lane across the street from me. The cars rush by behind me as the volley of banging continues to hit the air.

Suddenly, there is a man racing out of his house toward me, across his field, headed to the road. (more…)

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