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‘Thrilling’ Adventures

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Here  are a few of my recent Adventures.


The Art Party

The Art Show Reception is upstairs, over my brother Art’s Jewelry Store. You can see the tree filled view across the street. We are mingling and sitting at tables and chairs. It’s like being at a Grand Affair In Paris.

Susan Knows How To Have Fun With Local Wines

Everyone thinks Susan is a sister because her hair is like the rest of the family’s. She loves wine like I do, too.. she must be a sister. In this town everyone is related to someone else, so who knows.

Art Party Fly Food

We have only managed to trap the flies inside the net.



Darling Dr. Chen

Darling Dr. Chen is my acupuncturist. I call him ‘Darling’ because he tells me if I would dye my hair I would look like I am 40 years old! It’s very important to have a doctor who sees you in a positive light.



Summer And I Get A Body And Foot Rub

My daughter takes me out for a special treat. She is annoyed because her masseuse wears rubber gloves!

“Do you know what it’s like Mom, to have someone rub your head and face with big rubber gloves?!”



My Mickey

Mickey likes to hang out and relax more than his sister does.

Busy PollyBelle

PollyBelle The Sister is always busy. She wants to study palmistry.



Pregnant Goats

And, it’s fun to visit The Chicken Lady Who Lives Up The Steep Mountain That Scares My Grandkids. You can buy eggs here, off the woman’s old sagging porch. You take what you want and put your money in a tin can.

It’s always hard to get the car turned around so you can get back down off the mountain. There is always the chance that the car might drop off the side and hurdle you and the eggs all the way to The Great Beyond. Now there’s a thrill.

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“It’s Another Fine Mess You’ve Gotten Us Into, Ollie!”

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

"It's Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into, Ollie!"

If you had been with me you wouldn’t have let me do it.

My sister Polly and I have driven down the mountains and are now parked by the cold ocean.

Before we get to the ocean however, we first go into  the heart of the city to an “antiques pre-road show” to have some of Polly’s valuables looked at. She is enthused about the nine foot long Chinese painting in particular. 

While waiting in the hotel for the Asian Experts to see us while Polly tells me about this particular kind of Chinese art.

“An artist” she tells me, “would work on these types of paintings for a year. Look at how tiny and intricate everything is. It was such small work on these types of paintings that artists would go blind from the effort.”

I raise what’s left of my eyebrows.

“Now, if that’s the case,” Polly is saying, “this painting could be worth a fortune.”

Polly and I wait and sit for an hour, with the marvelous painting leaning against some chairs as we fondly gaze at it.

Maybe this means Polly and her husband can retire. Travel. Eat lobster. Buy diamond collars for the cats and little ruby shoes for the granddaughters.

But as we know, most things don’t reach our expectations. So many things disappoint. We sigh.

“It’s a factory reproduction,” the dandy Antiques men in silk suits eventually tell Polly. “It was made in the late forties in Taiwan. It wasn’t done by hand. It’s a photograph.”

“Oh,” I say. “An artist didn’t go blind making this one?”

Polly twitches. “Many years ago I paid $35.00 for it,” she whispers.

“Umm,” says one of the men. “In two generations you could possibly double your money.”

“Oh gee,” Polly says. “About $70.00.”

Polly is very quick with numbers.

Feeling a bit droopy, we leave the hotel, and are now parked by the sea. We have just picked up some fish and chips at a stand. We are trying to settle in some plastic chairs at a table overlooking  the deep harbor water.

This is difficult. An icy wind is blowing the food off the tables and it’s raining big round rain drops that splat in our faces. We think this eating outside thing is a bad idea.

“Let’s eat in your car,” Polly says.

If you had been with me, you wouldn’t have let me do it.

In fact, I think it’s a dumb idea to sit in my new Jaguar, but even dumber to sit in this bad weather and play with getting a raspy, snotty cold.

“Good idea,” I say.

We scoop up our plastic plates full of battered fish and oily french fries. I put the paper cups of white, pickled tarter sauce and red catsup and other sauces on our plates. I balance a bowl of sloppy black beans and cups and spoons and napkins.

We crab walk in the billowing wind to my car.

You would have said right then, ‘This is a really, really dumb idea, Venus.” (more…)

Blood In The Wheelbarrow!

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

“I never saw so much blood!” my almost 87 year old mother is telling me. “I was finally feeling good again after 7 months of being sick from that flu shot. I felt so good, I went out to plant my garden and the next thing I remember is being on the ground. I think my ankle gave way.”

I bend forward from my chair to look at the offending ankle. It’s puffed up but it looks good in comparison to some of the rest of her.

Mom and I are sitting on her deck having a cup of tea. One side of her left arm is purple and green and red and the left side of her face is swollen into a large square shape. The skin is mottled purple and red around her mouth, chin and neck. Mom assures me that there is more damage that isn’t showing.

“I bled all over everything!” she says. “Go and look!”

I get up from my garden chair and obediently trot down the deck’s steps to the part of the garden my mom points to. I notice blood splots all along the concrete path.

Mom has parked her wheelbarrow up against a low bricked area. Yep. There’s blood all over the bricks and blood all inside the wheelbarrow. There’s blood on the petunias still in their trays. Yikes. (more…)

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