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My Epiphany

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

A Strange Combination Leads To A Clear Insight

Maybe it’s because I’ve drunk too much wine and then decide to take a shot of a strong herbal parasite killer as I slide into bed for the night?

I know I’m feeling pretty bad. Rotten, really. I feel icky and my guts are roiling.

Next thing I know I’m in China. I’m awake in China!

But, somebody whispers, “You’re in America. America has been sold to the Chinese.”


I look around. All the signs and business banners are in Chinese!


A Chinese woman, a psychologist, is discreetly trailing me as I walk and gawk  at my strange surroundings. She wonders if I will adjust to my country as it is now or if I will cause trouble.

I’m devastated. I love my country! I suddenly realize that I love America! I raise a balled up hand and beat on my heart. I am a Patriot and I didn’t know it. I want  my country back!

I’m sobbing with love for my country, my Beautiful America!

I realize I have taken Her for granted, that we have all let Her slip away and now She is gone from us.

Why did we in our Country argue so much, why didn’t we get along? Why did we divide ourselves from each other ? Why did we sell our Country? Why did we lose America?

I wake up crying. I’m having an epiphany. ‘I once was blind and now I see.’

It may have been a foolish thing to drink so much wine and top it off with a radical parasite killer, but it taught me to appreciate America.

Don’t the damnedest things happen?

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