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The Underpants

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

We’ll Talk About This Photo In A Minute…But First, The UnderPants.

A woman friend comes to my house for tea and company.

She bakes and brings fresh scones with strawberry jam and clobbered cream. The scones are flat when they should be fluffy. They look like flat, pale cookies.

My friend complains her scones are a failure, but in fact they are delicious. In my mind I call them ‘Sccookies’. The word Scone with Cookies. Very cleaver of me.

Maybe we can bake and build a Twinkies kind of mega-corporation off my friend’s Sccookies? Maybe we can become rich and pudgy off our own brilliance?

No, we are not drinking.

My friend wants to swim in my pool in her underpants and tee shirt.

“Good idea,” I say, about the swimming in panties.

I want to swim, too so I run in the house, put on a hot pink sports bra and pull on a pair of neon green nylon shorts. Pulling those shorts up and on is hard work. I have gained weight since last summer.

Finally, the shorts are up, but eeeh gads, they are inside out! They look even worse than they might if they were on proper.

However, they are too much trouble to peel down and re-do as they are so tight I will never get them off. I will have to wear them inside out.

I usually swim naked. I know you know that.

I am always getting into unexpected trouble while naked in the pool. There was that time I heard my old, deaf pool man coming through my iron gate and I banged out of the water so fast that I had to go and see a chiropractor for a twisted back.  (more…)

Cat Love

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

PollyBelle And Mickey

Introducing my new kittens, sister and brother, Maine Coon cats, PollyBelle and Mickey. (Names subject to change?)

Two weeks ago I drove into the hinterlands to pick them up from their farm home.

Arriving at their house, immediately in the kitchen, I pick up Mickey to cuddle. He greets me by racing his tiny, sharp nails across my upper bare chest and takes out more chunks of skin as he runs down my bare left arm.


“Are these kittens tame!?” I shriek at his foster mother.

“Of course, ” she says.

She scoops up PollyBelle, saying she is just going to wash her off a bit in the laundry room. When she comes back into the kitchen, the woman has a wet PollyBelle tucked under one arm and dark blood running down the outside of her other arm!

I suspect  you can imagine what my last two weeks have been like?

PollyBelle Never Stops Running. I Got Down On The Floor And Into Her Face To Catch This Photo

Mickey Is More Casual & Also More Aloof. He Parcels Out His Affections

Yes, Jeronamo has already been to my house again, to do some repairs on the ‘Attached to the House, Outdoor Cat Potty’. I had him build it for Karl, my Maine Coon who died four months ago.

Cat Potty With Karl And Jeronamo

I see Jeronamo eyeing the giant cat yard I also had him build for Karl. He asks me if I am going to need any more work done on it.

I am a Gold Mine of Work for Jeronamo.

The kittens are an Intense Amount Of Work for me.

But, I love them already. And…I think they are beginning to love me.

It’s Cat Love for sure. Maybe not love at first sight…but sometimes the best, most solid love takes awhile to mature.


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The Great Cat Potty

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Before The Cat Potty

This is my back patio where I first have my Brilliant Idea. Notice the cat door.


The Great Cat Potty Begins To Take Shape

This all started when I tried to train my cat Sparkle to use the toilet.

Sparkle Asking To Eat Or Go Outside.. Or Both

This Is Sparkle Telling Me She’d Like To Go Outside, Please

After 2 1/2 months I succeeded in teaching her not to use a cat box OR a toilet and now she will only go outside. This means at night. Often multiple times a night. You can imagine how this is affecting my rest and peace of mind because of all the dangers that lurk in the dark for cats.

And this, of course, is Karl.

Karl In Repose

He too chooses to only go to the bathroom outside. Fortunately, I had a large cat yard built for him, but again, I am up much of the night putting him in and out of it.


This Is Just Part Of Karl’s Yard!

Sparkle will not go in this yard. She hates it. She is used to her freedom.

I do not have a photo of Jeronamo and Bill laughing madly and slapping each other as Jeronamo builds The Great Cat Potty. They are already hysterical about the big covered yard I had Jeronamo build for Karl. And they are hysterical about this back patio that I had fenced in so Karl can not get out. The coyotes can get in, of course, as they jump fences. So at night, Karl and Sparkle will need to use the New Very Improved And Brilliant Cat Potty.

Bill says my back patio now looks like Guantanamo.


My Back Patio Wired For Karl's Safety

This Is Karl At Guantanamo

And here is the finished Great Cat Potty!


Maybe The Cats And I Will Get Some Sleep Tonight

Bill and Jeronamo are still slapping and laughing.

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