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Cat Love

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

PollyBelle And Mickey

Introducing my new kittens, sister and brother, Maine Coon cats, PollyBelle and Mickey. (Names subject to change?)

Two weeks ago I drove into the hinterlands to pick them up from their farm home.

Arriving at their house, immediately in the kitchen, I pick up Mickey to cuddle. He greets me by racing his tiny, sharp nails across my upper bare chest and takes out more chunks of skin as he runs down my bare left arm.


“Are these kittens tame!?” I shriek at his foster mother.

“Of course, ” she says.

She scoops up PollyBelle, saying she is just going to wash her off a bit in the laundry room. When she comes back into the kitchen, the woman has a wet PollyBelle tucked under one arm and dark blood running down the outside of her other arm!

I suspect  you can imagine what my last two weeks have been like?

PollyBelle Never Stops Running. I Got Down On The Floor And Into Her Face To Catch This Photo

Mickey Is More Casual & Also More Aloof. He Parcels Out His Affections

Yes, Jeronamo has already been to my house again, to do some repairs on the ‘Attached to the House, Outdoor Cat Potty’. I had him build it for Karl, my Maine Coon who died four months ago.

Cat Potty With Karl And Jeronamo

I see Jeronamo eyeing the giant cat yard I also had him build for Karl. He asks me if I am going to need any more work done on it.

I am a Gold Mine of Work for Jeronamo.

The kittens are an Intense Amount Of Work for me.

But, I love them already. And…I think they are beginning to love me.

It’s Cat Love for sure. Maybe not love at first sight…but sometimes the best, most solid love takes awhile to mature.


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What I Know About Love

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

My Cat Friend, Karl

I put the following on my FB Fan Page:

“When I got up this morning, I found my young, much loved, Maine Coon cat, Karl dead on my bedroom floor. He had died instantly with a genetically bad heart. He had slept with me part of the night, snuggling in my hair and under my chin and covers as he always did. I knew he would die suddenly in the far off ‘Someday’ but not today. Every day I told Karl, many times a day, how much I love him. That’s all we can do with our pets and people. Love them, tell them, treat them well & help them be as happy as possible. Everything ends here on earth, ‘Someday.’ xo venus”

A few weeks after I got Karl as a kitten, my vet told me his sad future. I chose to live with that eventual reckoning and keep and love him. Just as with any relative of mine, my animals are with me for life, no matter what.

I loved Karl intensely, always knowing the outcome, knowing I only had a year or two with him.  I kept him and I loved him, knowing that the pain I would have, would be in direct proportion to the deep love I chose to feel for him.

My ex-husband has never had another animal since we divorced many years ago. He still recalls his pain when our 2 dogs died, and he says he can’t go through that, again.

I tell him, “By doing this,  you’ve left a number of desperate animals without a home that could have had safety and love with you.” I say, “I know that the pain of loss is huge, but the pain of not loving a human being or a creature, and refusing and being afraid to love again, is greater.”

I tell him that when we close our doors to loving animals or people, we ask for and accept a more barren existence.

My cats then climb into his lap and he loves them for a moment. Then, he leaves my house and goes back to his life of golf and bridge and beer.


New Year’s Wishes From 2 Of The Many Beings Who Populate The Universe!

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Karl The Cat Being: “Let 2013 Be Your Best Year Ever!”


……………………’The Bill Being’, Receiving An Un-Expected Surprise From A Universe We Call ‘Casino’!

And may you too, have many happy surprises from Your Universe in 2013!

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