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Mother Gets Lucky

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Mother’s Rat Hole Mobile Home

My mother calls my brother in law Dr. Ron, on the phone.

“I think I’m having a stroke,” she says. “Can you come over?”

Dr. Ron flies out his door like he’s being sprayed by a strong water hose.

My mother is in her middle 80’s and Ron considers her his mother.

When he arrives at her crappy mobile home, he practically throws himself through the ratty screen door.

“Margaret!” he yells. “Margaret!”

Ron is spinning around in the front part of the trailer and through the kitchen, making a circle back into the living room.

He looks up and there is Mother bumping along down the hallway toward him. She lurches sideways and hits one wall, rights herself and bangs hard on the opposite wall. Then, whoops, she’s almost down flat on the floor and up, again. Now, she’s on her hands and knees.


The Woman Who Sounds Like A Tuba

Sunday, June 17th, 2012


My Home For A Night

They Were Laughing When They Saw Me. They Knew What Was Ahead For Me.

My gut feels odd. Just a little ping here and there, but it gives me pause. Oh well, best not to think about it.

My childhood friend Chips and I are in her car. We are leaving for Palm Springs for our annual vacation with five of our other childhood friends. We all gather some place once a year.

Day One: I have the pings. Then after I eat a meal, I feel strangely too full.

Day Two: I don’t eat. I have gripping pains in my gut and snorting, stinking roiling gas. I sound like a tuba.

“Don’t worry,” I tell my concerned friends, “I just ate too much raw food for a few days before I left home and raw blended stuff. It’s good for you, you know…but, I think maybe not for me.”

Day Three: I think I may die. I’m nauseous. I can hardly stand up.

When my eyes start rolling around in a restaurant, the girls insist I go to Emergency.

I have a phobia about doctors and diseases. I tell my friends I would rather die than go to Emergency at the hospital.

My friends think I may be close to death. They’re alarmed, and cart me off to the hospital. (more…)

Who Ministers To God?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Who Ministers To God?

Today I meet a lady paramedic named Connie. “I’ve been a paramedic for 26 years” she tells me. “24 hours on and 24 hours off. I love it.”

Why do you love it,” I ask.

“Because of the excitement. It’s always a thrill. You never know who it’s going to be that’s in trouble or what the situation will be.”

Connie says, “There was one lady in her 60’s who kept calling us because she was having a heart attack. We went there 16 times and it was never a heart attack! When she called the 17th time my partner said, ‘I’m not going this time. You take care of her.'”

So, I did. I got there and I said, “So what is the real problem? What’s really bothering you?” (more…)

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