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All You Need To Know About Dogs

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Bob, Also Known As ‘The Domino.’

When my granddaughter Lexi is 6, she tells me about dogs:

“Trazor dogs stop trains.  A Trazor dog stops a run-away train by pushing against the train with it’s back toes.

“A Trazor dog can open train doors.

“They also bark and tell people to call 911 to help the engineer. The dog helps police and fire fighters push the train in for repairs.

“So, Baba, your dog Bob, is called a Domino because Trazers are black and Doxie’s are brown.”

“Great Grandma’s dog Beckie, is 1/2 Georgian.”

Personally, I think this is about all we need to know about dogs. It simplifies the entire subject.

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