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A Weekend With Jim

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

We’ll Get To This In A Minute

Here’s The Jim News:

Jim is my brother who has All The Troubles. They follow him around like a cosmic, comic dark cloud. You can read about him in many other places on my blog.

Here is the latest from Jim.

I’m at our sister Polly’s house. Jim is living here at the moment while he is waiting for his life to make sense.

The three of us are sitting on puffy chairs, under a canopy, gazing out at Polly’s raucous flowers and a line of eucalyptus trees.

Jim says, “I just read a newspaper article about a mother and daughter who were arrested for breaking into a government building. Did you see that?”

No, we haven’t read about it.

“Well, the mother and daughter got arrested because they broke into some government building and then they broke into a freezer in there and stole 5,000 gopher feet from the freezer!”

Polly and I are stunned. 5,000 gopher feet?Why would someone want 5,000 gopher feet? We try and think of possible explanations and decide that there must be a bounty on gophers and people get paid to prove they killed them. But, why would the government feel compelled to keep the feet?

Jim has another story to tell. While looking for more permanent work as a chef, he’s cooking at a lovely Old Age Home. He cooks the old ladies gourmet meals.

The ladies in question are an interesting mix. All the way from Hospice care to fully functioning.

He says, “One lady, Julia, followed me all over the place a few days ago. She badgered me all day, making demands about the food and all kinds of things. She is usually pretty quiet and reserved, so I was surprised.

“Well, yesterday she wasn’t following me and nagging at me and I didn’t see her anywhere. I said to someone, “Where’s Julia?”

“Then, I hear all the sirens and up drives an ambulance and a fire truck.

“Now we know where Julia is. She’s dead in her bed and she’s all purple.

“I say, ‘How can this be?! She was so jolly and active the day before!'”

Polly and I remind Jim that Mom was like this before she passed. She was in a coma at home for at least a week with no eating or drinking.

One morning the hospice lady calls me early and says, “Venus! Come on over! Your Mom wants to have breakfast and coffee with you!”

All of us kids rushed to Mom’s house. Mother had coffee with ice cream in it and I made her a full breakfast. Which she ate. She was very talkative and we all laughed and had a hilarious time.

Later, she slipped back into the final good-bye.

Jim now leaves for work, but before the weekend is over, we have another Jim Story.

All of us kids think Jim is almost deaf. We secretly think he may even be getting some dementia. Why else can’t he follow directions and conversations and repeats things? We tell him he must get his hearing checked, that how can he find a good job when he can’t hear?

Polly sends Jim to Cost Co for a hearing test. Jim comes back with surprising news.

“The woman looks into my ears..she was very cute..and says, ‘well, I know why you can’t hear. You have so much wax in your ears that it is all the way out to the edges of your ears and it’s so old, it’s black!’

We are aghast.

“But,”Jim says, “I told her I always clean my ears and she says that’s the problem. That I was always just pushing the wax farther into my ears and causing a total back-up. She told me to put this oil in my ears for a week and after that I will be shocked at everything I am hearing!”

To round off my weekend, I sit with a lady at lunch and watch her pour 2 packets of Saccharin into her glass of wine!

But, the most exciting thing for me this weekend is Albertson’s Grocery stores announcing that they have gotten rid of their Club card!

I totally dislike those cards we all have to get with some grocery stores and pharmacies, etc. We must have the cards, we must use them to get ‘deals’ or the ‘best prices.’ If we don’t have their card we pay lots more money for groceries and product. How dumb is this? Sometimes, I think that We The People should be in charge. Why are some corporations so inept at knowing how to keep customers and making good business decisions?

Oh well. On a brighter subject, like wine….Maybe there is a good reason why that lady puts Saccharin in her wine. Come to think of it, she works for Albertson’s Grocery store!

There must be some crazy connection. But, what is it? I’d like to know what you think. People love to read your comments so I hope you will post one.

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My Epiphany

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

A Strange Combination Leads To A Clear Insight

Maybe it’s because I’ve drunk too much wine and then decide to take a shot of a strong herbal parasite killer as I slide into bed for the night?

I know I’m feeling pretty bad. Rotten, really. I feel icky and my guts are roiling.

Next thing I know I’m in China. I’m awake in China!

But, somebody whispers, “You’re in America. America has been sold to the Chinese.”


I look around. All the signs and business banners are in Chinese!


A Chinese woman, a psychologist, is discreetly trailing me as I walk and gawk  at my strange surroundings. She wonders if I will adjust to my country as it is now or if I will cause trouble.

I’m devastated. I love my country! I suddenly realize that I love America! I raise a balled up hand and beat on my heart. I am a Patriot and I didn’t know it. I want  my country back!

I’m sobbing with love for my country, my Beautiful America!

I realize I have taken Her for granted, that we have all let Her slip away and now She is gone from us.

Why did we in our Country argue so much, why didn’t we get along? Why did we divide ourselves from each other ? Why did we sell our Country? Why did we lose America?

I wake up crying. I’m having an epiphany. ‘I once was blind and now I see.’

It may have been a foolish thing to drink so much wine and top it off with a radical parasite killer, but it taught me to appreciate America.

Don’t the damnedest things happen?

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Woman Wins More Than Expected

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


My Friends The Art Girls At An ‘Early California Plein Air Artists’ Art Lecture, With Wine And Cheeses

Here are the players in this little drama.

Sue is 85 years old, in the blue shirt . Carol is also 85. She is third from the left.

One Art Day, Sue came to visit us at Carol’s Ranch on our regular Thursday Art Day. Sue put her open purse on the ground to give us all hugs.

Carol’s big brown dog Roger, came over and peed inside the purse, spot on the photo of Sue’s recently dead husband. Sue had brought the nice photo of the man to show to us.

Sue is going alone on a trip with singles to Vietnam and other far places. She astounds me. She is probably going to ride racing camels and hungry alligators before she gets back from her travels.

Regina who is facing the camera right up front, is going to Beijing, China and India. A few months ago she went to Romania and came back with the Raging Runs.

We think she is very brave to go to India and China! Especially since she is racked with allergies and even chokes on wiffs of air. Beijing is known for it’s lethal smog. We tell her to wear thick masks and to take very small breaths.

Carol has recently traveled the world and wants to stay home now and eat cookies for awhile.

Susan, in the pink scarf, flies off to England every other month to look after her 96 year old daddy.

Me? I prefer to stay  cozy at home. Although I do travel to The Other Side a lot, and I guess you can give me travel credit for that?

It’s a great cloudy day today, a real *Plein Air day for sure, with wind and streaks of color across the sky and trees modeled against it like swinging ladies’ arms. (more…)

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