The Crazy Doctor

A Stand-In For The Crazy Doctor

Finally, I am ready to look really stupid and tell you this particular story about My True Life.

A few years ago I found a fascinating doctor on the internet. She had amazing testimonials on line, a beautiful photo of herself and she seemed so unique that I just had to hand my body over to her.

Every couple of weeks I would take the long drive to L.A. to see her. It was such a long drive that I had to stay overnight in a cold, quiet hotel with lousy food and lumpy pillows.

My time with the doctor was an odd experience and as you may know, I am enamored of the odd and peculiar.

The woman worked out of a lovely old house in the city. She looked like the bare bones of her photo. Instead of being beautiful and colorful she was pale and homely with a rivetingly un-attractive out-sized butt.

She continually told me how much she loved all the colors of my hair and skin and clothes and how much she loves art and things like that…and yet her walls were bare. There was nothing of beauty around her.

She and her helper would spend an hour and a half with me on a table, doing some strange form of exotic muscle testing/reversing/fixing on my various body parts. It was beyond dull.

One day I asked her how she could stand doing the same tedious things over and over again with every client.

She shrugged.

Maybe she could bear it because it was so incredibly profitable.

My family and friends kept asking me why I was spending all my savings and time with this woman. I didn’t have a good answer, except to say that I was curious and  wanted to know where it would go.

I was happily paying for The Odd Experience. It was a form of entertainment for me.

Eventually, the woman mentioned she was a member of what I think of as a prominent cult in the entertainment community.

She spent some time trying to lure me in but was totally unsuccessful.

One day, she leaned against a wall in the room after working on me.

She signed heavily.

“I know what’s wrong with you” she said. You have Lyme’s Disease. You must have an incredibly strong body to being doing so well.”

I thought, ‘OK, well that’s enough. I’m done here. If I have Lyme Disease, I am a sweet potato.’

My Odd Good Time was over.  I left that Adventure and never looked back except to occasionally wonder if I am more crazy than the doctor!

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