Hello my friends. I thought you might like to see the kinds of things we four sisters email each other, pretty much daily. Mostly about Looking After Mother. As you know, we each have our assigned jobs.

Polly is Medical, I am The Entertainment Committee, Barbara is Finances and Candy does legal stuff and cleans up Mom’s ratty mobile home after the cleaning lady has been there, and etc. I guess she does Catch-All. The two brothers? Well, we put them in charge of taking care of Mom’s car but we girls end up doing that, too.

On Jul 11, 2008, at 7:40 PM, Barbara wrote:
I’ve been sitting here reading your back and forth emails to my friend Kareen who is half asleep on my sofa at the moment. I keep waking her up laughing and she has to know what’s so funny! I always go to Shiley Eye Center. They do get really busy. Too bad, but I’ve never had any exciting adventures there, like you have, Venus.

Here are the emails Barbara is referring to. You know about some of this as I put the first happening in my last blog:

Venus writes:
Hi Polly, Mom told me and Candy the other day that she thinks she needs her eyes checked. She says that at night a dark film comes over one of her eyes and it’s getting worse.

I know you are The Medical Person and you love to handle this kind of thing.

Candy took mom to get a hair cut, down the mountain the other
day and she took her to a nice lunch. They both stopped by my house
after and we had wine and a nice chat.
As they were leaving, Mom thanked ME very much for the hair
cut and the lunch. Twice.
I hope it was the wine talking.
Sorry Candy.
X Venus

Mom likes her haircut 🙂 it doesn’t matter who gets credit for taking her.

I unloaded my fruit tree and dropped off apricots yesterday at the senior center. The place was
packed and the apricots went like hot-cakes. I sat down with mom and her ninety-five year old friend Anita at lunch at the center and Anita said, “Your mom looks ten years younger with her haircut.”
It’s true. I hope Mom will have more spring in her step now 🙂

Her driving sucks.
I watched her leave the senior center. It took her at least five minutes to get herself out of the parking space (not parking lot; parking space).
She had her blinker on (to leave the space) and inched her way out. I suppose not
being able to see has something to do with inching her way out. Oh my. It’s a good thing we made the rules about her only driving on the straight road into town and only where there are stop lights.
Remember when she hit that truck before we knew she had cataracts and got her that operation? She said she ‘didn’t think the truck was that big.’ !

I can take mom to the eye doctor while I have time off. Does anyone know who she sees? The only time I’ve dealt with her eyes was with the two surgeries at that eye center in La Jolla.

Hi Candy, I think it’s the Shiley Center. I took her there only once and they locked me out of the building and locked Mother in it!!!

We had been waiting for hours, it had gotten late, it was dusk and they were behind, so you know how i am about medical stuff; doctors and hospitals make me very nervous. I said ‘mom i gotta’ take a break from this.’

I went outside and sat in my car for awhile but when i tried to get back into the Center, everyone
was gone and the damn doors were locked!!!
The place was all glass and I could see that the entire waiting area was empty and there were no nurses or receptionists at the desks! And, there were no longer any patients in the waiting room.
I had to yell and yell and beat on the doors. Someone like a janitor finally came and opened the door and I shouted, ‘where’s my mother?!’

The man took me on a hunt and we finally found her in a back room waiting for a doctor who was still there somewhere in the bowels of the place.
I said that was the last time i was ever going to that Shiley
Center. Too much trauma. I thought I had lost Mother.
X Venus

Gosh! You’re still whining about that one trip to the eye doctor.
I’m pretty sure Polly and I have had a few miserable trips to the doctor
with mom and/or dad. It’s a good thing you do such a great job with the
entertainment position – and you can’t count the haircut and lunch!

I’m wondering if mom has to have a referral to go to the Sheely Eye
Center?? Does she have a regular eye doctor? Polly, do you know?

Mother is on a new kick.
She Loves that Irish Cream Brandy that Barbara got for her.
My duty as The Entertainment Committee has taken me to Mom’s place four times this week and Mom sits me down each time and brings out the bottle. We sit and drink that stuff. We are deep into the second big bottle!!!
She even bought some special glasses for us to use.
Well, I like the stuff but I am now at my limit.
I know I am The Entertainment Committee but you girls have got to help me out with this and do some drinking with her!

Polly writes:
These emails are always so interesting. I wish i had some fun to contribute.
I’ve been to the Shiley center also. The last time mom had her eyes checked, it was at Sears. If we want to have Gary Myers check them and send us somewhere else, we could do that?? I don’t know who is good and I hate taking her so far away. Surely we can find someone good in Poway.

Mom’s hair does look cute. She was thinking younger the other day. She was casting google eyes at Skip, again.
By the way Candy, you have to forgive Venus. Have you forgotten, she has this “tiny little quirk” about anything remotely related to medicine?. She’s not normal about these things and you have to over-look that.
Remember, with Daddy she did The Funeral Duty and had to take him to all the funerals. Nobody else would do it.
And she is really good as the Entertainment Committee for Mom.
And so, my friends, I hope you have enjoyed a peek into The Sister’s Daily Conversations About Our Mother. We are grateful she is still here with us. She will be eighty-six years old, Sept. 5th. She has A Plan to live to 102, but sometimes she questions that decision. She wonders if it is really a smart move, but since she made the decision, she says it is hard to get off it.
Firmly made decisions go deep.
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