The Other Lexi

“The New Lexi”

My 9 year old granddaughter Lexi, doesn’t want to spend time with me during the school holiday because:

Her Reasons

1. I don’t wear a nightgown to bed.
(Since she was two years old she has always said she hates to sleep next to my ‘dirty bum’.)

2. I keep the bedroom too dark

3. I keep the bedroom window open so we hear the coyotes in the night

4. I eat meat

5. And because she HATES to go to the farm stand. The chickens are too loud.

Lexi does come to visit even though and because:

1. I don’t wear a nightgown to bed.

I wear a night gown to bed

2. I keep the bedroom too dark.

Lexi takes a flashlight to bed

3. I keep the window open so we hear the coyotes in the night.

I convince Lexi that the coyotes are wild dogs celebrating their freedom

4. I eat meat.

I eat meat

5. And because she HATES to go to the farm stand. The chickens are too loud.

We don’t go to the farm stand 

Lexi is growing up. She no longer believes she knows everything about everything. I loved all the science lessons she used to teach me when her knowledge was beyond mine. My favorite discussion was the poop pump that we all have on the lower part of our backs. When we need to poop it grinds into motion and pumps it out of us. She was dead sure on this one.
And I was impressed when she and Bill planned to turn our entire neighborhood into a zoo. They had it all figured out.

She demanded that Bill take her around to the neighbors. She insisted she needed to tell these people that they had to move out of their homes right away because she and Bill were putting a zoo on all the surrounding properties.  The monkeys and the penguins would be needing their houses.

I hate to see it all go.
She’s the Breck girl now with a stylish hair cut, and she reads all the time and worries about her social life.

She does however, still wrestle the boys to the ground with a head lock and she has been called into the principal’s office four times recently for doing this. It’s mainly because of a boy she calls Really Rosy Red-Headed Roger. Really Rosy Red-Headed Roger has a crush on her and pokes and prods her in the ribs to show his admiration. She doesn’t see these jabs as romantic overtures however, and that’s when Roger gets nailed to the ground and the principal comes calling on Lexi’s mother.

Regrettably, this will all stop soon, too.

Lexi has a new hair do and has taken on a certain look and personality that she has borrowed from the 9 year old culture around her. I am already wondering...where did my Lexi go?

Studies show that girls are totally themselves until they are 9 years old. After that, they lose themselves to the culture and societies’ dictates. The real girl doesn’t emerge again until menopause.

….I will not be seeing My Lexi again, in this lifetime. I miss her, already.

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