Venus Has An Exciting Moment At The Car Wash

Venus On Her Exciting Day

Summer lives at the coast where everyone is very hip and chicky fine, you know.

Because I’m going there to see my daughter today, I’m wearing a colorful dress with lots of sparkles and design and I even put on my orange shoes.

On my way down the mountain I stop at the car wash. I like to stop at this one because the middle eastern men do the best car washing job.

While my car is being washed and hand dried I sit outside on a blue iron bench and casually watch the men at work.

Eventually, a good looking guy, maybe in his 30’s, lifts his arm and calls out, “Jaguar! Jaguar!”

That’s me.

As I’m handing him my receipt he says, “You have very, very, very, very, beautiful…”

Because he seems to be struggling with a word and because the fellows that work here usually tell me the following, I say, “car? Thank you.”

He says, “No. You have very, very, very, very….verybeautiful….style!”

Oh my gosh! Me? I am delighted. I’m suddenly all frothy and giddy with the unexpected…and rather  weird… compliment.

As I drive the rest of the way to the coast I feel thrilled to have  brought this compliment out of a handsome, young guy.

When I get to Summer’s house, I immediately rush into the bathroom. I just have to look at my Cute Self in the mirror.

And what do I see?

Oh No!! Oh No!!

I have put my dress on backwards!!

Yes! I am wearing my dress backwards.

The cloth is cutting me across the throat and the neck tag is sticking me in the thyroid.

Why didn’t I notice this when I put the dress on??

I’m now hysterical with laughter. The compliment I’ve gotten becomes cut in half, somehow.

Ladies, it’s true. Men like what they like in a woman and it’s not always reasonable or sensible or makes any kind of woman sense.

If a man thinks you’re hot, you can be plain-faced, fat, old, barrel chested, have puffy, glinty frog eyes, a big shaky bottom and wear your clothes backwards. The man won’t see any of it. He will see only you and he will see what he wants to see.

So, here’s the deal. Let’s all stop worrying about what women see and think is perfect for women and let ourselves relax a bit into the more forgiving eyes of men.

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