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I live in Phobia Land.

My family is riddled with phobias.

Right now my 6 year old grandson Loch has what his mother calls The Morbid Blood Phobia and he also changes his under pants and his long pants 4-5 times a day. If he gets even a tiny bit of pee on them he becomes frantically unsettled (hysterical) and has to remove his clothes and start over.

Today was Loch’s first day in the first grade. His mother tells me he had a Big Melt Down and Stubborn Fit before she finally got him there.

God knows what will happen when he gets a little pee on his pants at school. At home he whips off his under and top pants and runs around naked until we insist he put some pants on. This will be more then interesting if he shakes off all his pants at school.

Looking into the future, I hear a phone call from the principal.

The principal will be calling about both Loch and Lexi, now.

When Lexi was tiny she always lined all her bath toys on the side of the tub in strict rows. Later, when she would come to my house she would pull my entire tea cup collection onto the wood floor and line all the cups and saucers up in narrow rows. She only broke one cup. Of course, it was my best, most beautiful and most expensive cup.

We’re not supposed to be talking about Lexi’s quirks. We’re talking about Phobias, here. But, there is an unnerving quirk that she still has at 9 years old. She likes to grab boys, twist them into headlocks, throw them to the ground… and sit on them.

She has always done this. Her mother has gotten to know the school principal really well.

It doesn’t only at happen at school, of course. One of her mother’s most embarrassing times was at a kid’s birthday party.

Her mother tells me, “It was in Rancho Stanta Fe, the richest neighborhood in the county. It was mainly a boys party but Lexi was invited.

“She spent most of the time head locking the boys, throwing them into the dirt, then sitting on them and holding them down. All the fathers were terribly upset and embarrassed because this little girl was busy beating up their sons and what could I say?  “Gee, I’m sorry Lexi is so athletic?”

“I’m sorry Lexi is stronger than your boy and makes him look like a wimp?” “Don’t worry about it..she does this all the time?”

But, moving away from quirks and back to phobias, my brother Jim won’t touch escalator rails or Jack In The Box door handles. He has the basic germ phobia.

My grandmother wore little tiny shoes on her little bitty feet and always carried a big, black leather purse full of medicine bottles. She loved diseases and she loved doctors. She was married to my grandfather but regularly had affairs with doctors. She had to, she was phobic.

My aunt couldn’t drive on freeways and for many years my sister Polly couldn’t leave her house without her silver beetle armor wrapped around her, which she called a motor home.

I’m rather simple compared to some of my relatives. I just don’t like doctors and diseases. Of course, I do take that to extremes.

The list goes on but I don’t want to Out more members of my family incase some of them might develop a phobia against me for blabbing!

But, I’m curious about you. I want to know which of you also live in Phobia Land? Or, do you have relatives, friends and acquaintances who live there?

What are these phobias? Wouldn’t it be fun to share them and read about some others? Will you share?

There’s a COMMENT section below where you can share your phobia stories. (If you email me directly, no one else gets to read them.)

Welcome To Phobia Land. If you don’t have any phobias yourself, we invite you to join us and see how it feels.

Just keep your pants on, would ‘ya? ……….However, just about anything else goes.

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