Who Ministers To God?

Who Ministers To God?

Today I meet a lady paramedic named Connie. “I’ve been a paramedic for 26 years” she tells me. “24 hours on and 24 hours off. I love it.”

Why do you love it,” I ask.

“Because of the excitement. It’s always a thrill. You never know who it’s going to be that’s in trouble or what the situation will be.”

Connie says, “There was one lady in her 60’s who kept calling us because she was having a heart attack. We went there 16 times and it was never a heart attack! When she called the 17th time my partner said, ‘I’m not going this time. You take care of her.'”

So, I did. I got there and I said, “So what is the real problem? What’s really bothering you?”

“She told me she wanted to go home to Russia.

“She lived alone and had no friends or family here. So I said, ‘Do you really mean that? Do you truly want to go home to Russia?’ She said she did so I picked up the phone and made some calls. Then I immediately booked her a ticket to Russia.”

“Really!?” I say.

Connie says, “Yes and we haven’t heard from the lady since.”

“Wow,” I say.

“It’s not just being a paramedic for the body,” Connie says, “we’re a paramedic for everything.”

After a few moments of silence I say, “I believe I’m a paramedic for the mind. I help people with their emotional issues, their pains and suffering and their questions. But,” I add “I wouldn’t want to be a paramedic for the body. I don’t think I would do so well with someone who’s lying squashed in the road.”

My new friend says she has to be a paramedic for the mind, too. The body, the soul and the mind.

All my various hats are off to Connie and all the other paramedics. Thank God for paramedics who minister to all things. They are like a Church, I think. Now I know that they minister to the body the mind and the soul. I never knew that.

For years I have  watched the Medivac helicopters landing in the giant field across the street from  my mother’s house. They always go there to pick up victims of auto accidents and other desperate ailments. There is a church there and the copters always land in the church parking lot.

Now, it all makes sense.  Because I believe we are all God having experiences…now I see that Paramedics are God ministering to Itself.  How cool is this?


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