The witch in the woods

Art by VenusOnce upon a time I visited a Real Witch. She lived deep in the woods. To reach her little home I had to park my ancient 280Z in a vast field of tall yellow mustard plants. I trudged through the masses of flowers and bees, climbed over a splintery locked wooden gate and found my way deep into and through a forest of peeling eucalyptus trees.

Finally, I spotted the tiny house. I rapped on it’s door, my heart beating rapidly like a tin drum being beaten hard. The witch that answered my knock was bent and old. She was dressed all in black with ropes of brassy metal and sparkling pentagrams dangling and clanking from her wrinkled neck. Her hair was long, tangled and black with an inch of white at the roots.

I was very scared.

The witch invited me in, where I immediately asked to use the bathroom. As I sat on the pot, I gazed at the black painted walls and ceiling, all filled with shimmering stars and planets. There was a chorus of sound as the witch’s cats scratched and screamed at the bathroom door.

Later, sitting at the witch’s round black table, I waited trembling as she shuffled her well used tarot cards. I was there to have my future read.

After years of torture I had finally left a miserable man in a miserable and abusive marriage and had lost almost everything I owned. My hair was lank, my purse was empty, my health was poor and my life was bleak.

The Witch slapped the cards onto the table and spread them.

I pulled a few of her sharply clawed cats off my pant legs.

“You have the most wonderful reading I have ever seen,” she said.


The witch looked sideways at me with a glinty green eye.

“You have handsome men adoring you, your health is glorious and you have more money coming to you than you have ever had in your life. Lady Luck surrounds you.”

I was dead nuts shocked.

Several years later it all came true.

Would you like to have that kind of future for yourself? Well, I can help you with one part of it, at least. That’s the Money part.

With me, it was ‘someone’, an invisible hand, pushing on my back, pushing me to build a business that I didn’t want to build. As it turned out it was a Networking/MLM business.

(Don’t freak. I’m not involved in networking now and am not here to recruit you!)

Many people when offered something like this, would snort and jump straight up in the air and shout, ‘Are you kidding me! I’d never do one of those, I don’t know how to do one of those, I’d rather stay home and suffer than get involved in something like that!”

I said that, too.

But, a year later I was making $20-25,000 US a month, plus bonuses and that was a long time ago when that was a lot more money….I did indeed have the handsome boyfriends, the glorious health and lots and lots and lots of money!

I was also called ‘The Foremost Woman in Network Marketing.’

And, I thought. “But, anybody can do this. I’ll teach people how to do it my way; the simple, cheap and easy way!”

I decided to do that because no one in networking was actually teaching people how to do it the way I did it!

My book, ‘MLM MAGIC: How An Ordinary Person Can Build An Extra-Ordinary Networking Business From Scratch,’ garnered the NABE Book Of The Year Award and sold well over 100,000 copies when in print.

Would you like, or do you need, to make a living? Even a very good living? Would you like the kind of money that could set you free like it did me? Are you open minded and adventurous; willing to look at a possibly wonderful future for yourself?

Three of my books are now available as ebooks for a very nominal price. Jasstina featherstone you have won a reading with me. You can read here about each book and see if it sounds like something that might interest you.

MLM Magic
MLM Magic
Prospecting! Prospects
Prospecting! Prospects

For your own best future, please think about these ebooks and this type of opportunity. I almost didn’t seriously consider this way of making money and I actively tried not to. Thank goodness I was open-minded! I have to thank the Witch and the Hand On My Back and the fact that I followed through on a whim, for my Great Good Fortune and the work that gave me my Freedom!

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