Woman Wins More Than Expected


My Friends The Art Girls At An ‘Early California Plein Air Artists’ Art Lecture, With Wine And Cheeses

Here are the players in this little drama.

Sue is 85 years old, in the blue shirt . Carol is also 85. She is third from the left.

One Art Day, Sue came to visit us at Carol’s Ranch on our regular Thursday Art Day. Sue put her open purse on the ground to give us all hugs.

Carol’s big brown dog Roger, came over and peed inside the purse, spot on the photo of Sue’s recently dead husband. Sue had brought the nice photo of the man to show to us.

Sue is going alone on a trip with singles to Vietnam and other far places. She astounds me. She is probably going to ride racing camels and hungry alligators before she gets back from her travels.

Regina who is facing the camera right up front, is going to Beijing, China and India. A few months ago she went to Romania and came back with the Raging Runs.

We think she is very brave to go to India and China! Especially since she is racked with allergies and even chokes on wiffs of air. Beijing is known for it’s lethal smog. We tell her to wear thick masks and to take very small breaths.

Carol has recently traveled the world and wants to stay home now and eat cookies for awhile.

Susan, in the pink scarf, flies off to England every other month to look after her 96 year old daddy.

Me? I prefer to stay  cozy at home. Although I do travel to The Other Side a lot, and I guess you can give me travel credit for that?

It’s a great cloudy day today, a real *Plein Air day for sure, with wind and streaks of color across the sky and trees modeled against it like swinging ladies’ arms.

My stomach is bothering me, but not to worry, wine and good company always settles it right down.

We’re listening to a long lecture with a man from a Plein Air Museum who has a sense of humor. We are attentive and try and learn a lot. We do love looking at the photos of all the art works that are electronically thrown onto the wall.

We eventually have to pee but nobody dares leave their seat and cast their big shadow on the screen.

At the end, there is a drawing for a Big Prize.

I pull my ticket out of my pant’s pocket. Susan is sitting next to me and pulls hers from her purse.

“I have never won anything, ever in my life!” she whispers to me.

And the winner is….Susan!!

She screams and yells, “I have never won anything in my life!!”

Susan has won a large basket of art surprises:

2 bottles of wine. Watercolors. Brushes. A sketch book. Pens and pencils. An art novel that is signed by a famous writer. A big book of Plein Air Famous Artist’s works. 4 tickets to the San Diego Art Museum and more.

She is astounded! She is flop-eared amazed.

When I call her the next day to see if she has recovered from her win, I get her husband on the phone. I tell him how fabulous that Susan has finally, after all these years, won something and it is such a glorious prize, at that.

He says, “Oh, she has won something else at another time in her life and it’s even more glorious.”

“Really? What?” I ask.

Her husband takes a big breath and shouts, “She won me!!”

This starts me thinking.

Susan has a dear husband that she adores. They are very happy together. They’ve been together since they were young.

Maybe she has never thought about what a great win she has had with that one?

Which makes me pause and think about what Winning really means.

I’m not lucky at gambling or winning door prizes or sweepstakes so I haven’t really considered what I have truly won in life.

I’m now counting up my Wins:

A wonderful daughter and 2 good grandkids. 5 siblings I adore. A loving mother and even a father who had his good points. Animal friends I love. My art and other dear friends. My ex-husband and some ex-boyfriends that still seem to love me.

A nice home, a nice car, an interesting career and the incredible luck of working with people that I think of as my friends…it goes on an on.

I realize that I too am a winner! I am a Big Winner!

Here’s a thought.

Instead of counting and ruminating on what we don’t have and seemingly can’t have…maybe we should look at what we have ‘won’ in life? It might be something that other people deeply wish they had!

You may have been a Winner all your life ! I bet that in some way, you have been a Winner…. and that you are a Winner!!

You might consider counting your real winnings now, big or small. 

Feeling better, now?

(*Plein Air means painting the wonders of the outside vistas, with the bugs, the wind, the ants, the heat, wild boar, enquiring loose dogs, cold, heat, dried up paints, paints that end up on the sand or in the mud, rain that pelts you and hail that raps your head. Many artists have become famous by painting Plein Air and they deserve it!)

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