A friend keeps telling me her appetite is much less, she eats less and feels joyful now, instead of sad. She says she has tremendous energy.

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Please come listen live on Tuesdays to my radio program. I give readings and talk about whatever I want for the hour. Usually, it ends up being pretty interesting. Tune in live Tuesdays 1 pm Pac/4 East on


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I would love to help you with an intuitive reading. I can look into your mind, read your loved ones' thoughts and ask them questions, or look into your coworkers or anyone to help you understand the situations in your life



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Good Mojo art just for you! Feel good, be happy, let the magic energy work for you in your home or office. All of the art is one of a kind, ORIGINAL paintings by me, Venus!


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Learn about my upcoming Flowdreaming & Mojo teleclasses.

Check out my NEW downloadable class about using your wits and intuition to make a comfortable life for yourself: "How Venus Makes Money."

Last, look up my books and my "God Is Always Happy" and The High Beings material, which tells about messages I've received over the years. Please also check Amazon for my latest books.

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